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In order to get a landline telephone to your property in Turkey you must have a residence permit. You need to go to your local Turk Telekom and take your residence permit, passport and your full address, and if possible the telephone number of one of your neighbors. (This can speed up the process) You can pay by direct debit or pay direct to Turk Telekom. You will receive a monthly email of your itemized bill.

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Once you have registered your land line telephone you can now get broadband internet installed in your home.

Internet services can be arranged at Türk Telekom, via their internet service provider TTNET. Please take your Turkish Residency Permit and Passport to register for broadband internet.

TTNET is the largest Internet service provider in Turkey and has around 7 million subscribers. TTNET is a subsidiary of Türk Telekom Group.

Other Internet Service Providers include:-
Superonline -
Netone -
Turk.Net -

You will need your Turkish Residency Permit and Passport.

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