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Yes, but they are extremely rare, only a handful of shark species, one being the great white can be found in the Mediterranean sea. Sharks live in deep water and rarely venture close to the shore. Documented shark attacks in Turkish waters are very few, less than a handful over the last 100 years

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Yes, Turkey is home to some poisonous spiders, however most are not dangerous and the chances of coming across them is very rare. Also some centipedes found in Turkey you need to be careful of.

The majority of spiders and other insects in Turkey are harmless.

Below is a list of Turkey’s poisonous spiders:

The Turkish species of the Brown Recluse spider can be found in the east of Turkey. This spider lives in rural and urban areas. A bite from these spiders can cause a range of symptoms in humans including fever, chills, itching, severe lesions and organ damage.
The Yellow Sac spider or "Turkish foliage" spider, weaves its web among fallen leaves in Turkish gardens and fields. The spider, though generally harmless, spews venom when provoked, and the bite causes a nasty sting. Patients who suffer an allergic reaction to the venom suffer bouts of nausea.
Segestria Florentina, or the six-eyed spider, is found in Istanbul, Izmir and Mugla . These spiders live under stones, logs and in walls, and their bites cause’s adverse symptoms in humans. The painful bite feels like a sharp sting, and pain and swelling last for several days.
The Turkish garden spider Araneus Diadematus is a relatively harmless spider that lives in Turkish gardens. When provoked, the spider's bite can be painful and causes swelling in the skin, but the venom does not cause any major health hazard.

There are some poisonous scorpions; again it is very rare to see them Androctonus crassicauda scorpion inhabit the south east Turkey towards Syria and Iraq.

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