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Driving in Turkey

In Turkey they drive on the right and overtake on the left.

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While driving around turkey, you should have always have your driving license, together with your passport and insurance documents in the car at all times, the traffic police conduct various spot checks on all vehicles having this is expected.

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You need a valid drivers licence and your passport (note provisional driving licences are not recognised). An 'A' category standard motorcycle licence is required to hire motorcycles over 50cc in Turkey. An 'A1' category 'light motorcycle' driving licence is only suitable for motorcycles below 50cc.

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50 kilometers per hour in built up areas. 90 kilometers per hour,on open roads. 120 kilometers per hour on motorways.

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Turkey is the second most expensive country in the world for its petrol and diesel prices, at around 4.50 TL a litre of petrol ( £1.62)

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The Drink Driving limit in Turkey is 50mg alcohol per 100ml blood.

The police have the power to carry out random alcohol tests on drivers at any time and if found over the limit drivers can risk being fined and have their license confiscated for six months.

In the event of an accident, all drivers involved are breathalysed


First time 700 TL, second time 877TL for the third time the fine is 1,407 TL

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Seatbelts are mandatory for all drivers and all passengers when they are sitting in the front seat. If you have children who are under 12 years of age then they must sit in the back.

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If you receive a traffic fine in Turkey, you will need to visit the nearest tax office (Maliye Vergi Dairesi) in order to pay your fine.

Please take your traffic fine papers along with your passport and cash to pay the fine.

Speeding and running a red light is subject to a 166tl fine.

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First call the traffic police on 154. Meanwhile you must not move your vehicle. There should be two warning triangles in your car already by law. One is to place in the front of your vehicle and one behind it. Police can issue on the spot fines if you do not do this.

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The information is relevant to a UK or another Foreign driving license.

You can legally drive with a Foreign license, but only for a maximum period of six months.

After six months you are required to convert your license to a Turkish Drivers license.

(Road traffic regulations)

The regulations published in the Official Gazette on 17 April 2015 by the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs are a modified version of the Road Traffic Regulations published on 18.7.1997. The new regulations came into force on the 1st of January 2016

CLAUSE 15 The preceding Regulation’s clause 88 together with its title has been changed as follows:
“Driving a vehicle with a license obtained in a foreign country and conversion of such licenses to our country’s license”

1) Vehicles can be driven with licenses obtained in foreign countries for at the most six months from the date the holder entered our country.
2) In order to be allowed to drive a vehicle in our country after six months the license obtained in foreign countries must be changed to a Turkish driving license.
Except where otherwise stipulated by the related laws and bilateral or multilateral agreements driving licenses obtained in foreign countries are converted to Turkish licenses in the way described below:
a) Applications can be made to any traffic registration office.
b) The documents and information needed for the application are specified by the Security General Directorate.
c) Except for the driving lessons and the exam applicants must comply with all pre-conditions as stipulated in clause 41 of Law No. 2918 regarding age, education level, health and not being convicted. Only for diplomats who benefit from bilateral or multilateral agreements a written declaration of compliance will be considered sufficient.
ç) If necessary examination and research regarding the authenticity of the license can be carried out through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or our foreign missions.
d) Temporary foreign driving licenses cannot be changed
e) Driving licenses from states which are not members of the Convention on Road Traffic and where a reciprocal agreement about recognition and change of driving licenses does not exist, cannot be changed to a Turkish driving license.
f) Turkish nationals who obtained their driving licenses from a signatory state to the Convention on Road Traffic will obtain an equivalent Turkish driving license.
g) Foreign nationals holding a moped, motorcycle, rubber-tired tractor, engineering vehicle or car category driving license from a signatory state to the Convention on Road Traffic will receive an equivalent driving license of our country; driving licenses for any other category of vehicles will be converted to Turkish B class driving licenses except for driving licenses valid for trailers, which will be converted to Turkish BE driving licenses. For all other categories of driving licenses the related training and exams are also required.
ğ) Drivers who obtained their driving license in a foreign country and who want to get permission to drive a different category must convert their existing driving license to a Turkish driving license first.
Foreign driving licenses which are converted to Turkish driving licenses are sent back to their country of issue.
Clause 39 of Law no. 2918 will be applied against persons who drive vehicles with their foreign driving licenses and do not comply with the conditions stipulated in this clause ”

Conversion procedure (Converting a foreign driving license to a license of our country)
Documents Required:(ADDITIONAL documents may be required)

1. Foreign driving license and photocopy

2. Turkish translation legalized by a notary or a Turkish consulate

3. Driving license form (form to be obtained from the local Chamber of Drivers/Şoförler Odası)

4. Passport and residence permit, (or birth certificate)

5. Health report for drivers

6. Receipt confirming payment of the driving license card fee, driving license valuable paper fee and driving license service fee (foundation share) to the tax office or an authorized bank

7. 2 passport sized photos (5x6 dimensions white background bio-metric)

8. Blood group card or written declaration of blood group


If you need assistance obtaining a Turkish Drivers License - Please Contact Us or send an email to

Note: Driving licenses from states, which are not members of the Convention on Road Traffic and where a reciprocal agreement about recognition and change of driving licenses does not exist, cannot be changed to a Turkish driving license. For more information » please see link here.

Countries that are members of the Convention on Road Traffic and where a reciprocal agreement about recognition and change of driving licenses does exist include:

-United Kingdom

Full list can be found » here

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