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New regulation - Foreigners acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment

20th September 2018 The Turkish government has introduced a new scheme for acquiring Turkish Citizenship through investment. Under the new routes, foreign citizens are able to acquire Turkish citizenships by... Read more

Amazon starts operations in Turkey

19th September 2018 Inc. said Wednesday it had launched activities in Turkey, offering products across 15 categories to customers across the country. "We are committed to building our business in Turkey in... Read more

Turkish lira steady despite new threats from Trump

17th August 2018 Turkey’s currency remains steady against the dollar despite an apparent threat of possible new sanctions by U.S. President Donald Trump. The Turkish lira stood at 5.80 per dollar on Aug. 17,... Read more

Turkeys Banks Face Restrictions On Buying and Selling Currency

17th August 2018 The Turkish financial regulators have imposed new restrictions on all banks in Turkey. The rules will make it harder for banks to buy and sell foreign exchange derivatives with overseas banks,... Read more

Turkey hikes tariffs on US goods

15th August 2018 The Turkish lira had fallen to a record low since US sanctions were put on Turkey. Monday saw the lira hit a record low of 7.2362 to the dollar, down nearly 10 percent in one day. The Turkish lira... Read more

Animated movie boosts number of Spanish, European tourists visiting Turkey

2nd August 2018 Thanks to the Spanish animated film "Tadeo Jones 2: El secreto del Rey Midas" (Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas), there has been a significant increase in the number of Spanish and... Read more

South Africa summit to strengthen Turkey's ties with BRICS countries

27th July 2018 The BRICS Leaders' Summit that kicked off in South Africa's Johannesburg Wednesday offers a significant opportunity to ameliorate Turkey's ties with the association's countries, Brazil, Russia,... Read more

Erdoğan: Turkey against severing ties with Iran despite US sanctions

27th July 2018 Turkey is against severing economic ties with Iran as the United States readies for sanctions, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan argued yesterday. Speaking at a news conference in capital Ankara... Read more

Turkeys two year state of emergency ends

18th July 2018 The state of emergency, which was declared for the first time in the aftermath of the July 15 failed coup attempt in 2016, expires today and will not be extended. With the two-year emergency rule... Read more

UPDATE - SGK and Bağ-Kur Amnesty

18th July 2018 SGK and Bağ-Kur Amnesty.If you have joined the SGK scheme or if you have Bağ-Kur health insurance, you have until the 31/07/18 to clear any debts incurred without paying any fines or interest. Which... Read more

Cancer Treatment Now Free In Turkey For All Its Citizens

9th July 2018 In a revolutionary move to improve the health of millions, Turkey announced yesterday that all types of cancer treatment and surgeries would be free of charge for all citizens in private... Read more

Turkey's Central Bank sharply hikes benchmark rate by 1.25 points, lira gains

8th June 2018 The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey's (CBRT) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) ramped up interest rates for the second time in two weeks Thursday as it hiked its policy rate, also known as... Read more

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