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Turkeys two year state of emergency ends

18th July 2018 The state of emergency, which was declared for the first time in the aftermath of the July 15 failed coup attempt in 2016, expires today and will not be extended. With the two-year emergency rule... Read more

UPDATE - SGK and Bağ-Kur Amnesty

18th July 2018 SGK and Bağ-Kur Amnesty.If you have joined the SGK scheme or if you have Bağ-Kur health insurance, you have until the 31/07/18 to clear any debts incurred without paying any fines or interest. Which... Read more

Cancer Treatment Now Free In Turkey For All Its Citizens

9th July 2018 In a revolutionary move to improve the health of millions, Turkey announced yesterday that all types of cancer treatment and surgeries would be free of charge for all citizens in private... Read more

Turkey's Central Bank sharply hikes benchmark rate by 1.25 points, lira gains

8th June 2018 The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey's (CBRT) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) ramped up interest rates for the second time in two weeks Thursday as it hiked its policy rate, also known as... Read more

Property Tax – Reminder

30th May 2018 Property tax – a reminderDon’t forget, the 31st of May is the deadline for the payment of the first instalment of property tax. Property tax is paid twice a year (May 31st, November... Read more

New developments for touristic residence permit granted by Istanbul immigration Office.

25th May 2018 The immigration Office will no longer renew the touristic residence permit. Immigration office state that there will be no need for the renewing touristic residence permit since given time (1 year or... Read more

ARE YOU LEGAL - Renting your Turkish property to guests, family or friends

10th May 2018 ARE YOU LEGAL Are you renting out your property or letting family and friends stay for free?If so you need to make sure that you comply with the new the new regulations introduced in 2017. The season... Read more

Voting in upcoming elections - Note to our members

10th May 2018   Note to our members who have Turkish citizenship:If you want to vote in the upcoming general elections on June 24th, you have until the 12th of May to check whether your name is on the voter... Read more

Turkish Lira Seen Outperforming Peers on Central Bank Backstop

26th April 2018 While the currency quickly erased a jump after policy makers raised a key rate more than expected on Wednesday, it is still beating peers this week. The central bank has provided a buffer from the... Read more

Turkey’s currency is tanking and President Erdogan is keeping it down

18th April 2018     •    Turkey's lira has hit record lows for the past week, thanks to the Turkish government's difficulty balancing monetary policy to counter double-digit... Read more

Turkey has third-most of cleanest beaches in the world

18th April 2018 Turkey's coasts continue to draw visitors and apart from their beauty, Turkey has some of cleanest beaches in the world. According to a study conducted by the Foundation for Environmental Education,... Read more

New app allows victims of domestic violence to notify Turkish police with single button

4th April 2018 Turkish police have launched an emergency support application to enable women report cases of domestic violence and seek assistance in a faster manner with the click of a button, as the country aims... Read more

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