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Turkey Bans Plastic Bags

14th November 2018 NEWS UPDATE: Turkey Gets Tough on Waste   Turkey Bans Plastic shopping bags   Turkey bans plastic shopping bags.  On November 13th a draft law was submitted to the parliament... Read more

3 Million Turkish Drivers Fined

14th November 2018 NEWS UPDATE: 3 Million Turkish Drivers fined in bid for safer traffic   Over 3 Million drivers in Turkey have been fined in a bid for safer traffic. Turkey has recently cracked down on... Read more

Turkey's Current Account Balance

14th November 2018 Turkey’s current account balance $1.8 Billion surplus in September…   In September for the second consecutive month this year, the Turkish Central bank (CBRT) showed a surplus,... Read more

How exactly does ‘Find A Trader’ work?

8th November 2018 WHY CHOOSE US? •    Why take a risk? At Find A Trader we ONLY work with the best Tradesmen, hardworking, reliable and most importantly QUALIFIED and REGISTERED. It can be time... Read more

Istanbul’s New Airport opens its doors…

7th November 2018 The new Istanbul Airport is now open, spread across 76.5 million square meters, with the first phase comprising the main terminal of 1.4 million m2 with 2 runways, Air Traffic Control tower and many... Read more

Turkey Gets Tough On Drivers.

25th October 2018 While driving through any area of Turkey you may well have witnessed a driver run a red light or talking on their mobile phones.Well this could all change as Turkey has introduced a new bill that... Read more

All police teams authorised to issue traffic fines with new regulation

10th October 2018 In addition to traffic police, all police units and gendarmerie will now be able to fine drivers who do not abide by traffic rules, as per a circular note issued by the Interior Ministry. The... Read more

New regulation - Foreigners acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment

20th September 2018 The Turkish government has introduced a new scheme for acquiring Turkish Citizenship through investment. Under the new routes, foreign citizens are able to acquire Turkish citizenships by... Read more

Amazon starts operations in Turkey

19th September 2018 Inc. said Wednesday it had launched activities in Turkey, offering products across 15 categories to customers across the country. "We are committed to building our business in Turkey in... Read more

Turkish lira steady despite new threats from Trump

17th August 2018 Turkey’s currency remains steady against the dollar despite an apparent threat of possible new sanctions by U.S. President Donald Trump. The Turkish lira stood at 5.80 per dollar on Aug. 17,... Read more

Turkeys Banks Face Restrictions On Buying and Selling Currency

17th August 2018 The Turkish financial regulators have imposed new restrictions on all banks in Turkey. The rules will make it harder for banks to buy and sell foreign exchange derivatives with overseas banks,... Read more

Turkey hikes tariffs on US goods

15th August 2018 The Turkish lira had fallen to a record low since US sanctions were put on Turkey. Monday saw the lira hit a record low of 7.2362 to the dollar, down nearly 10 percent in one day. The Turkish lira... Read more

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