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Legal Restrictions for Foreigners:

a) Persons with foreign nationality can buy maximum 30 hectares of property in Turkey in total.

b) Foreigners cannot acquire property within military forbidden zones and security zones. Renting in such zones is subject to a special permission.

c) In a district/town ( ilce) not more than 10 % of the total area of that district can be sold to foreigners

d) Foreigners from neighbour countries cannot acquire property in provinces adjacent to their country’s borders. (e.g. Greeks are not allowed to buy property on the Aegean coast, Bulgarians on the Thracian border or Russians on the eastern Black Sea coast)

d) The afore-mentioned restrictions do not apply regarding pledges or liens in favour of natural persons and foreign trade companies.

e) Properties are subject to winding up provisions in following cases: (i) if the properties are acquired in violation of laws; ii) if the relevant Ministries and administrations identify that the properties are used in violation of the purchase purpose; iii) if the foreigner does not apply to the relevant Ministry within time in case the property is acquired with a project commitment; iv) if the projects are not materialized within time.

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