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A habitation certificate or living permission is a document verifying that the property is constructed in accordance with regulations and that the construction has been completed to meet building legislation.
The full completion of the tapu process is really only complete once you have received the certificate of habitation.

A habitation certificate shows that a property is suitable for use. It is not easy and sometimes not possible to obtain services such as water, sewage and electricity for a building without a habitation certificate. A habitation certificate allows you to obtain electricity and water in your own name and once registered you will be charged domestic rates, (as opposed to builders rates, which is more expensive)

To obtain your habitation certificate (or living permission) please visit your local Belediye and provide them with your tapu. They will need to see this documentation in order to issue a habitation certificate , (you may also need to provide your passport and tax number)
There may be a charge of 5 TL for this service.

(the left hand box on your tapu (Kat Mülkiyeti) should be crossed to prove the property has a habitation certificate)
Please note: Earthquake Insurance is invalid without living permission.

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