It is important to have the following in place, if you are planning on living in Turkey.

» Turkish Tax number or Yabanci Kimlik number (Foreigners Identity Number) - You will need to have this in order to do such things as; open a Turkish bank account, register utility bills in your own name, paying Turkish land/council taxes and applying for a Turkish driving license. A Turkish tax number can be obtained from your local Tax office (Vergi Dairesi)

» Turkish Residence permit - This is a permit granted to all foreign nationals, allowing them permission to reside in Turkey. This can be issued for up to 2 years (Short-Term Residence Permit), 3 years (Family Residence Permit), 5 years (Short-Term Permit for KKTC and foreign national investors) or *permanent (Long-Term Residence Permit).

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Please note: Having a Turkish residence permit is a requirement for the following;
- Shipping personal items to Turkey
- Registering a land-line telephone/internet.

» Yabanci Kimlik number - This translates to, Foreigner Identity Number (FIN). This number is issued to all foreigners and may be required for:

• Obtaining a Turkish driving license
• Public notary proceedings
• Purchase and sale of real estate
• Obtaining and renewing insurance policies
• Bank accounts and transactions
• Purchasing a Vehicle

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