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How Much is a Turkish vehicle test ? - (Prices for 2016)

Scooter, Motor Bike 97,94 TL

Cars, Vans, Mini-Bus & Trailors 191,16 TL

Buses & Trucks 258,42 TL

If your vehicle is powered by LPG or dual fuel petrol/LPG you’ll need to obtain a gas safety certificate (LPG/CNG Ruhsatı, "Gaz Sızdırmalık Raporu”) The Turkish law requires vehicles on the road to be tested. For cars, motor bikes and scooters the test is due 3 years after the first registration date then every 2 years

You will need the following documents:

Traffic registration document

Traffic Form (The other small form where the visa is noted)
Valid Third Party insurance certificate (trafik Sigortasi)
Emissions testing stamp if applicable to your vehicle.

You will also need to ensure that you don't have any tax or fines outstanding. You can do that at the tax office or online. The testing station has online access to the tax records so no paperwork needs to be produced

The test is comprehensive and covers the following main items (in English and then Turkish):

1. Braking system (Fren sistemi)
2. Mirrors, indicators and lights (Direksiyon ve Direksiyon Simidi)
3. Windscreen and glass – watch out if you have heavily tinted windows as these may fail the test (Görüş Özellikleri)
4. All Lights – alignment and light output including colour and all reflectors (Lambalar,Yansıtıcılar ve Elektrik Teszatı)
5. Wheels, rims, tyres and suspension (Dingiller, tekerlekler, lastikler, süspansiyon)
6. Chassis and components (Şasi ve şasi bağlantıları)
7. Emergency/safety equipment (Zorunlu Ekipmanlar) see list below and other passive safety equipment - Seat Belts, security of seats (Diğer Donanımlar)
8. Wipers and washers (Gürültü Kirliliği ve seviyesinin kontrolü)
9. Distance on speedo, visibility of number plates and number plate light working, vehicle identification numbers

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