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Updated November -2018

Sellers or buyers of built property (not just building land) Until 31st of December 2018 the purchase/selling tax is reduced to 3% (1,5% for the buyer, 1,5% for the seller). As of January 2019, the tax will be again 4% (2% for each party).

Firstly you need to make sure the title deed of the property is free of any debt, you can appoint a lawyer to carry this out. It is important you find a competent lawyer whom you can trust. You will often be asked for a small reservation fee for the property. Your representative will need to draw up a contract between the seller and purchaser, included will be details of the completion date, payment schedule and terms and conditions.
Your contract should state that the purchase price includes all certification/name change fees/usage bills and no further costs will be payable.

Getting your contracts notarised- You are strongly advised to get your contact notarized, you need to have both an English and Turkish versions of the contract (or a bi-lingual contract) which is signed in the presence of a notary public. This will ensure that the contract is officially accepted by Turkish law and that the terms within the contact are binding for all parties.

When the notarised contract is signed by all parties, the appropriate deposit is paid.

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