If the baby is a foreign national (neither the mother or father is a Turkish Citizen) and living in Turkey, then you have to apply for a residence permit.

Following rules apply regarding the residence permit applications of children born in Turkey:
-          Birth certificate entitles the child to stay in Turkey for six (6) months depending on the date of parent’s residence permit.
-          On condition that parent’s residence permit is less than six (6) months, child’s right to stay in Turkey depends on this date.
-          For children who have the right to stay due to the birth certificate, it is required to receive a residence permit appropriate for children’s situation within six months.
-          Birth certificate does not provide a right to exit from and visa-free entry into Turkey without residence permit.
Fined residence fee shall be received from children who stay in Turkey with birth certificate and have not applied for residence permit within envisaged period.

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