There are many ways to travel around Turkey. The most popular being by coach. This is because Turkeys coachs are in-expensive, very reliable, clean, comfortable and connect to all the cities around Turkey.

The modern rail networks in Turkey are very reliable. The brand-new 250 km/h high-speed trains are now operating on the Eskisehir to Ankara, Ankara-Konya & Eskisehir-Konya routes. The rail network known as YHT, Yüksek Hızlı Treni, features comfortable seats in Economy and Business classes.

Turkeys trains are inexpensive and air-conditioned some are available with a private bed. Restaurant car for meals are also available. Travellers are taken through fantastic scenery which is unspoilt by roadside development. Travellers who take the train will be impressed by their experience.

It is a good idea for travellers to use the train for long distances (for example, Ankara to Konya, Izmir or Kars) then a short bus trip to reach places off the rail network, for example the South coast resorts or Cappadocia.

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