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Do I need a visa to live in Turkey? Do I need a visa to visit Turkey? How do I renew my UK passport if I live In Turkey?
What should I do if my passport is lost or stolen in Turkey? How do I apply for a residency permit in Turkey? How do I apply for Turkish Citizenship?
How many times can I enter Turkey with a Tourist visa? What should I do if my Tourist visa expires while still in Turkey? What is a (YKN) Yabanci Kimlik number?
How do I apply for a (YKN) Yabanci Kimlik number? How do I apply for a work permit in Turkey? How to apply for a Turkish driving license?
How do I obtain a health report in Turkey and what tests are required? How do I obtain a certified translation of my driving license? (Turkey) How do I renew my Turkish residency permit?
How much is a residency permit in Turkey? How long does it take to receive a Turkish residence permit? Turkish Tax Number
How to change your address on your Residency Permit Am I required to inform the Turkish authorities when I change my British passport? (obtain a new passport number) I have a Turkish Residency Permit - Can I leave Turkey for any length of time?
Applying for a work permit for the first time Short term Residence Permit - Turkey Family Residence Permit - Turkey
Student Residence Permit - Turkey Long term Residence Permit (permanent) - Turkey Can a UK passport holder apply for a short term residency permit for less than 1 year?
How do I contact the GDMM? (General Directorate of migration management) When is the earliest time you can renew a Residence Permit? (Turkey) What are the passport requirements for entering Turkey?
What are the consequences of overstaying my visa ? (Turkey) Do I need to inform the authorities when I leave Turkey? How to apply for a 8 year residence permit in Turkey? (Long term - permanent permit)
Turkish Residence Permit Requirements TURKISH RESIDENCE PERMIT FEES Do I need Health Insurance for the Long Term Residence Permit? - Turkey
Turkish Residence Permit Card 120 and 180 day rule for Turkish Residence Permits How much is the long term residence permit? Turkey
Turkish Residence Permit - Points to consider Directorate General of Migration Management District Offices - Turkey First time Turkish Residence Permit Application IMPORTANT NOTES
Renewal of Turkish Residence Permit IMPORTANT NOTES How do I complete the Online Form for the Turkish Residence Permit ? How do I complete the Online Form for RENEWING Turkish Residence Permit ?
Which banks can I pay my Turkish Residence Permit Fee too? Contact Directorate General of Migration Management ( DGMM ) - Turkey Turkish Residence Permit - Turkish / English Phrases
What is a Montage visa ? - Turkey Turkish Citizenship Application through Marriage to a Turkish National Turkish Work Permit for company owners in Turkey
Turkish Labour Law (law no. 4857) Part One Turkish Labour Law (law no. 4857) Part Two RESIDENCE PERMITS IN TURKEY - OVERVIEW
Turkish Work Permit Exemptions How to obtain a refund for your Residence Permit Tax Payment What documents do I need to register my baby for a residency permit in Turkey?
Property is valued over 250,000 USD and is joint owned by myself and my partner (not married) can we both apply for Turkish citizenship? I own a property valued over 250,000 USD, it was purchased in 2015. Am I eligible to apply for citizenship by investment under the new regulations? Do we need to be able to speak Turkish to apply for citizenship through investment?
When applying for citizenship through investment do we need to remain in Turkey for the application process? I have 3 children aged 20, 22, 24 all 3 of them are students and fully dependent on me. They are not married will they be included in the citizenship My property was purchased a few years ago but has increased in value and is now worth more than 250,000 USD. Am I eligible to apply for citizenship t
If a property valued over 250,000 USD was purchased between January 2017 and September 2018 is the owner eligible to apply for citizenship through inv Does the sales value on the Tapu have to be over 250,000 USD? If I purchase a property valued over 250,000 USD now, how long will the citizenship process take?
What documentation is required to show that the property is valued over 250,000 USD? Do I just need to show my bank account details to show I have more than 500,000 USD deposited? Has the new Turkish citizenship program been officially put into force and is currently valid or not?
Where was the new Regulation published officially? What is the actual procedure to acquire the Turkish citizenship? Regarding the $ 250.000 worth of Real Estate investment option, will this be applied to only one piece of Real Estate?
What kind of real estate purchases are applicable in terms of the law? i.e, would land or a hotel could be applicable? In the case that a client has invested $250.000 worth of real estate before this regulation was published, do they have the right to acquire Turkish In case the client has invested less than USD 250.000 and wants to invest in more properties, can he combine all properties to worth of USD 250.000 a
If the real estate investment is made, when the client may apply for acquiring citizenship? Immediately or after the 3-mentioned years? If the real estate investment of $250.000 is made for a real estate that is still under construction, and no title deed is available, can the investo I do not have time to come to Turkey. How can I get Turkish citizenship?
Which nationalities are accepted for the Turkish passport? What is the fastest way to get Turkish Citizenship?

UK, USA, and most *other countries,
   304,96 TL 1st year (Approx. 225 TL 2nd year)
Norway - Serbia - Fiji - Chile    1,194.20 TL 1st year
Belgium - Belarus - Algeria - Spain - Kuwait - Jordan -
Luxembourg - Malta - Singapore - Taiwan
   137.75 TL 1st year
Albania - Philippines - Israel - Japan - Cambodia -
Macedonia - Mali - Oman - Tajikistan
   Update Pending
Morocco - Ivory Coast - Iraq - Montenegro - Egypt - Tunisia    40.03 TL 1st year
Ethiopia - South Korea - Hong Kong - Micronesia - Russia    Update Pending


You must pay an administration fee for your residency card.
This is 63.00TL - as of 2017

! Health Insurance is a compulsory requirement for those under 65 years old
Get your online quote here; » Online insurance quote

Children's residency permits are half the cost of an adult permit.

Please note: Some countries (not listed) are exempt from this Fee - You are instead required to pay a Single Entry Visa Fee of --- (update pending)
If you are unsure whether or not your country is exempt, please check with the Turkish Consulate or your own embassy

Turkish Residence Permit

*Other Countries Include; (in no particular order) - Residence Permit Fee - 304.96 1st year (Approx. 225 TL is applied to the second year)

Germany, New Zealand, Australia Afghanistan, Guatemala, Peru, Andorra, Guiana, Poland, Angola, Guinea Portugal, Antigua and Barbuda, Guinea-Bissau, Qatar, Argentina, Haiti, Romania, Armenia, Holland, Rwanda, Honduras, Samoa, Austria Hungary, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Sao Tome and Principe,Bahrain India, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Senegal, Barbados, Iran, Seychelles, Belize, Italy, Sierra Leone, Benin, Jamaica, Slovakia, Bhutan Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Bolivia, Kenya, Solomon Islands, Bosnia-Herzegovina Kiribati, Somali, Botswana, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa, Brazil, Laos, Southern Cyprus, Brunei, Latvia, St. Kitts and Nevis, Bulgaria, Lebanon, St. Lucia, Burkina Faso, Lesotho, St. Vincent and Grenagines, Burundi, Liberia, Sudan Cameroon, Libya, Suriname, Canada, Liechtenstein, Swaziland, Cape Verde, Lithuania, Sweden, Chad, Madagascar (Malagasy), Switzerland, Chili, Malawi, Tanzania, Colombia, Malaysia, Thailand, Comoros, Maldives, The Bahamas, Congo, Marshall Island, The Central African Republic, Costa Rica, Mauritania, The Cook Islands, Croatia, Mauritius, The Gambia, Cuba, Mexico, The People's Republic of China, Djibouti, Moldova, The United Arab Emirates, Dominic, Monaco, Dominica, Mongolia, Togo, East Timor, Mozambique, Tonga, El Salvador, Myanmar (Burma), Trinidad and Tobago, Namibia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Equator, Nauru, Tuvalu, Equatorial Guinea, New Zealand, Uganda, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Ukrania, Estonia, Niger, Uruguay, Finland, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, France, North Korea, Vanuatu, Gabon, Pakistan, Vatican, Georgia, Palau, Venezuela, Palestine, Vietnam, Ghana, Panama, Yemen, Greece, Papua New Guinea, Zambia, Grenada, Paraguay, Zimbabwe

Turkish Health Insurance

Residence Permit Application - Professional Service
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