Formalities governed by the BTK (Bilgi Teknolojileri ve İletişim Kurumu) - Information and Communication Technologies Authority

Turkish legislation prohibits the use of mobile devices brought into Turkey from abroad by individuals, unless registered. If the user of such a device fails to register and to pay the registration fee the phone/mobile device will be blocked after 120 days of use with a Turkish SIM card. The user will receive SMS notifying him/her that the device has not been registered and will be closed.

A mobile device can be registered by Turkish citizens and foreign residents (with a Yabancı Kimlik Number) who have recently come to Turkey from abroad. The registration must be performed within 120 days after having entered Turkey. Please note that one can only register one mobile device within a two-year-period.

How do I register the phone?
Mobile phones brought to Turkey are most easily registered via the e-devlet kapısı (e-government portal). Please » click for information on how to sign up for the e-government portal.

In order to start the registration procedure choose ‘IMEI kaydet’ ( ) and fill in the required information (mobile phone number, the device’s IMEI number, details of the ID document you used for your entry to Turkey, date of entry)
If you don’t know the device’s IMEI number dial *#06#.

If you registered a mobile phone in your name before and want to check whether the 2 years have passed, so that you can register a new IMEI number, click here: »

Alternatively, you can also register the phone/mobile device through a customer registration centre of the mobile service providers TURKCELL, VODAFONE or TÜRK TELEKOM (former AVEA) In this case the passport holder applies to one of the mobile communication providers’ customer registration centres (in person, as the Authority will check whether the signature applied on the registration document and the signature on the passport match) with their original passport and the tax receipt. An application form is completed and sent together with copies of the ID page, the page with the entry stamp and the original tax receipt to the central authority for confirmation.

If the registration is carried out via the e-State portal no documents need to be submitted The applicant’s declaration is taken as a basis and the data control is performed electronically.

For which devices is registration compulsory?
All devices containing a SIM card which have been brought to Turkey by means other than bulk importation are subject to the compulsory registration. For example, if you want to use the SIM card (use via the GSM network) in an iPad brought to Turkey from abroad, the IMEI has to be registered or else the functions of the device related to the SIM card cannot be used through our country’s operators.

Is there a fee to pay for the registration?
In line with the ‘General Communiqué of the Act of Fees’, the charge to be paid in 2017 is 149.20 TL. If you use internet banking you may pay online or pay the fee at tax offices or at any bank entitled to collect tax. It is also possible to pay the fee by Turkish credit card through the Online Tax Office

Apart from the tax offices, which banks accept payment of the registration fee?

Akbank A.Ş.,

Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş.,

T.Halk Bankası,

Vakıflar Bankası TAO,

Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası A.Ş.,

Anadolu Bankası A.Ş.,

Aktif Yatırım Bankası A.Ş.,

Alternatif Bank A.Ş.,

Finansbank A.Ş.,

Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası A.Ş.,

Tekstil bank A.Ş.,

Türk Ekonomi Bankası A.Ş.,

Turkland Bank,

 Denizbank A.Ş.

İNG Bank A.Ş.,

Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası A.Ş.,

HSBC Bank A.Ş., 

Şekerbank T.A.Ş.,

T.Garanti Bankası A.Ş.,

TC Ziraat Bankası, 
T.İş Bankası A.Ş.

The receipt must contain the IMEI number of the device to be registered and the passport holder’s name and surname.

How can I check whether the device has been registered?

Following the application, the registration status of any device may be checked via The following message will appear at first: ‘IMEI numarası abone kayıt merkezince geçici olarak kayıt altına alınmış olup Kurum tarafından evrakları kontrol aşamasındadır (This IMEI number has temporarily been registered by the customer registration centre. Documents are currently being checked by the Authority)’. Once the documents submitted to the customer registration centre have been passed on to the Authority, and the information and documentation checked and confirmed, the message ‘IMEI numarası kayıtlı This IMEI number is registered’ will be displayed.

it is not possible to perform the IMEI registration after the 120 days have expired and the device has been inactivated.

Although I carried out the required procedures and had my phone registered, I was sent a legal notice and my phone was inactivated. What can I do?
You can try to renew your registration through the E-State portal by re-entering your information or phone the Information Control Service’s call centre (0312 294 94 94) to obtain information about your procedure.

Can I register a device received by mail or purchased through the internet?
According to the relevant legislation devices brought to Turkey based on individual importation are registered, but devices received by mail or purchased through the internet will not be registered.

I brought two mobile devices from abroad. Can I have them registered?
No, you have the right to bring in one mobile phone within the period of two calendar years. Within this framework, as of 01.02.2008 the necessary precautions have been taken in the Mobile Device Registration System to prevent the same person from registering more than one device within two calendar years.

Do people who stay in Turkey for a short time have to have their devices registered?
Provided that the usage period does not exceed 120 days tourists can obtain a pre-paid card with a phone number from one of the GSM providers upon presentation of their passport. No registration formalities are required. The only subscription agreement available for tourists and those without a residence permit is the pre-paid service.

Can devices be registered in the name of minors under 18?
Yes, but the registration application has to be performed by mother, father or the minor’s legal representative via their own E-State portal by entering the child’s identity information.

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