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Importing a vehicle to Turkey for up to 2 years

As of October 2015 the regulations for visitors to Turkey coming with their own foreign number plate vehicles have changed. While according to the old regulations foreign plate cars/motorbikes were accepted for a maximum of six months it is now possible to use them for up to 730 days (2 years).

Who can benefit from this ‘special offer’?
Anybody residing abroad more than 185 days in a year (foreigner, double national or Turk) can benefit. It is no longer necessary to be retired – the customs will just check whether on the day of entry the vehicle and the driver have been out of Turkey more than 185 days within the previous 365 days. Holders of a Turkish residence permit are normally not eligible as this offer is designed for people residing abroad, but provided they have spent the necessary number of days abroad they will not be denied entry with their foreign plate vehicle.

What documents are required?
The vehicle will be registered on the driver’s passport; it is not possible to bring a vehicle to Turkey with an ID card. Obviously the car papers must be presented. If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, an official power of attorney or – if the car belongs to a car rental company – a lease agreement covering the duration of the intended stay must be presented. If the driver is foreign the vehicle will initially be granted 6 months. In case the foreign driver obtains a residence permit the period will be extended to a maximum total of 730 days, but definitely not after the expiry date of the residence permit. If the vehicle holder fails to extend the permission in due time a fine will be applied.
One has to present a valid traffic insurance and the MOT/TÜV must be valid for the duration of the stay in Turkey.

What happens if the owner wants to leave the country without the vehicle?
No problem, the vehicle can be left at your home or at any other safe place. The local customs must be notified before the departure (either one day before or on the same day at the airport). A form must be signed where the driver undertakes to take care that no-one will use the vehicle during his/her absence.

Who can use the vehicle apart from the vehicle holder?
The spouse, parents and children of the vehicle holder may use the vehicle provided they also reside abroad. In case of emergency third persons may use the vehicle if the owner/holder is present as well.

If the owner leaves Turkey with his/her vehicle before expiry of the 730 days, can he/she come back and use the remaining days?
No. Once the vehicle has been taken out of Turkey it must stay at least 185 days abroad before it can be brought to Turkey again. Likewise, the vehicle holder is only entitled to bring the vehicle in if he/she has spent at least 185 days abroad.

What happens if the vehicle does not leave Turkey by the end of the granted period (maximum 730 days)?
Up to 3 months after the expiry date the fines are not very high, but if the vehicle overstays longer there are heavy fines to pay.

What happens at the border if it is established that either the vehicle or the driver have not been out of Turkey the required 185 days within 365 days?
The driver can enter Turkey but the vehicle will not be allowed in.

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