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When you own or rent a property in Turkey (concerning certain properties) you automatically become part of how the entire block or housing estate is run. This is known as 'Turkish condominium law'.
Condominium law concerns private properties, businesses and other types of property where owners own a freehold share of the wider property or land.

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Condominium law gives owners/renters legal rights to arrange/agree the management of shared areas, site maintenance, apartment rules, what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

To get started you will need to arrange an initial meeting and come together to decide who will be the association's manager or if a management company is preferred for this role.

Your next step is to obtain the necessary books (available from local stationers)

1. (DEFTERI) - A book for the minutes of the meetings.
Please note: This should be taken to the Public Noter to be stamped and a certificate placed on the first page of the book.

2. (ISLETME HESABI DEFTERI) – A book for keeping the accounts – the income and expenditure.
(The Noter is not required)

3. (GIDER PUSULASI) – Receipt books for issue of income collected or expenses paid.

At your first official meeting (at least 4/5ths of the owners should be present) a manager and treasurer should be appointed.
Note: Please allow at least 15 days notice for the first meeting.

Please note all the decisions agreed in the minutes book and obtain the signatures (in the book) of all those who attended.


- There must be a management board and minutes to be taken
- All minutes must be recorded in Turkish (This should be completed by a legal translator)
- Everyone who is part of condominium is entitled to see books for minutes & accounts
- A meeting must be held at least once a year
- When renting instead of owning you can represent your landlord by means of power of attorney (“Katılım Vekaletnamesi”) -- your vote is as valuable as theirs.
- Everything has to be conducted legally and within Turkish law. Otherwise if not conducted properly, it can be become void.

For more information please see: Turkish Condominium Law

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