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National insulation standards for new buildings

Policy status: In Force
Agency: Ministry of Environment and Urbanization
Date Effective: 2000

Energy Efficiency Description: New buildings in Turkey are required to perform the thermal standards similar to EU countries since 2000.  The TS 825 was revised in 2002 and in 2008 to improve the standard. The TS 825 is now a standard under the BEP.

This standard is related with the rules of calculation methods of the heating and cooling energy requirements of the new and old buildings. Building Energy Performance (BEP) Regulation", which mainly includes the mandatory implementation of the new buildings, has come into force in accordance with Energy Efficiency Law that evaluates energy efficiency in buildings with a holistic approach.

In accordance with these regulations, building licenses are not given to the building projects which do not meet the minimum performance criteria and standards on architectural, thermal insulation, heating and cooling systems and electrical wiring issues for buildings. Some of the most important applications brought by the BEP regulations can be summarized as follows; establishment of central heating systems in buildings having the total area of ​​occupancy over 2000 m2; insulation; obligation for application of the renewable and cogeneration system investments to a specific portion of building cost; requirement for preparation of Energy Performance Certificates; periodic maintenance and control; automation, heat and temperature control, minimum standards to be applied to installations.

Building Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is started to be given since January 2011 under the “Regulation on Energy Performance in Building”. EPC will not be granted to the new buildings having less then “D” class. 

Climate Change Description: National insulation standards for new buildings (TS 825) were issued in June 1999. These standards set thermal insulation standards for new and existing buildings where renovation with 15% ratio or more is carried out. Their mandatory application started in June 2000. TS 825 defines rules for the calculation methods of heating energy requirements in buildings and is in compliance with international standards. It divides Turkey into four climatic zones (depending on average temperature) and limits heat loss from the building envelope. Heat loss limits have been reduced by half compared with the old standards. While existing buildings require about 200-250 kWh/m2, the new standards brings down heating energy requirements to 100-150 kWh/m2.

Source : IEA

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