If you own a limited company in Turkey you are obligated to pay your Bağkur insurance premium for ALL directors and employees of your company.
The cost is approximately 365 TL per month and starts from the day your company is formed.

Your company accountant should arrange all the paper work for you. But if for any reason they haven't registered you for Bağkur, you will still have to pay a backdated amount from the date your company was established (or when you where first added as the company shareholder / director)

Please note: If you have any outstanding debt with your current Bağkur insurance, you will not be allowed to use this insurance at any hospital until the debt is paid. However, any dependants under the age of 18 can use your Bağkur insurance. (provided they are registered on your policy)

Bağkur debt is not a criminal offence and you are not required by law to pay the whole outstanding debt at once.

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