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If you want to close your Turkish bank account (from any bank) please speak with the bank's representative and state that you wish to close your account.

You will need;

- Your Customer Number,
- Your ID Number
- Your Account Numbers
(these can be provided by the bank if you do not know them)

Next, you will need to submit a written petition stating you want to close your account. (If inside the bank)

It takes only 1 day to close your Turkish bank account.

(Tip: Obtain a signature from the bank representative / or manager confirming that your application has been received. Because if for any reason the bank does not close your account, you can prove that you did apply for the account to be closed)

Tip: Request that the bank sign a paper to confirm the account is now closed and to state that no charges/or further charges will be applied to the account

Making a complaint
If you are not happy with the services you received from the bank, you can make a formal complaint to the "Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK)"

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