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Update: From 18 May 2015 Turkish Residence Permit applications will be made
online and direct to the Directorate General of Migration Management.

Applying for a Turkish residence permit - Long Term Residence Permit.

FIRST Please visit » to begin your application

(!) IMPORTANT (!) For Long term applications you must visit the Migration Office in person on the date and time of your appointment with your relevant documents. (Full list of provinical offices can be found » here)

Long - term Residence Permit (permanent)

(1) A long-term residence permit shall be issued by the governorates, upon
approval of the Ministry, to foreigners that have continuously resided in Turkey
for at least eight years on a permit or, foreigners that meet the conditions set
out by the Migration Policies Board.

(2) Refugees, conditional refugees and subsidiary protection beneficiaries as well as persons under temporary protection or humanitarian residence permit holders are not entitled to the right of transfer to a long-term residence permit.

Conditions for long-term residence permit

(1) With regard to the issuing long-term residence permit the following conditions shall apply:

a) having continues residence in Turkey for at least eight years;
b) not having received social assistance in the past three years;
c) having sufficient and stable income to maintain themselves or, if any, support their family;
ç) to be covered with a valid medical insurance;
d) not to be posing a public order or public security threat.

Rights conferred by a long-term residence permit

(1) Without prejudice to acquired rights with respect to social security, and subject to conditions stipulated in applicable legislation governing the enjoyment of rights, foreigners holding a long-term residence permit shall benefit from the same rights as accorded to Turkish citizens with the exception of the provisions in laws regulating specific areas, and of:

a) compulsory military service;
b) the right of vote and be elected;
c) entering public service;
ç) exemption from customs duties when importing vehicles.
(2) The Council of Ministers is authorised to partially or completely restrict the rights listed in the first paragraph.

Cancelation of long-term residence permits

(1) Under the following cases a long-term residence permit shall be cancelled when the foreigner:
a) poses a serious public security or public order threat;
b) stays out of Turkey continuously for more than one year for reasons other than health, education and compulsory public service in his/her country.
The principles and procedures governing the re-application for a long-term residence permit and assessment of the applications of foreigners whose long-term residence permit has been cancelled pursuant to subparagraph (b) of the first paragraph shall be stipulated in a Directive.

Please note; Interruption to the residency
If you stay outside of Turkey for a period of more than 6 months within 1 year or more within the last 5 years. This will be classed as 'interruptions' and will not be counted towards your 8-year residency permit. Also any residency previously acquired before the interruptions will not be counted.

! ATTENTION ! - » HEALTH INSURANCE is mandatory for those under 65.
Private health insurance for the Residence Permit can be obtained online;  

Confused? Contact us here if you need professional assistance

Turkish Residence Permit


1.1.Long-term Residence Permit for Foreigners That Have Continuously Resided in Turkey for at least eight years
4.1.1. First Application

Residence Permit Application Form
Original and photocopy of the passport or travel document
Submission of the former residence permit document.
Two (2) photograph
The document showing that not receiving social aid from state institutions and organizations in the last 3 years.
Notification regarding sufficient and sustainable resources for the duration of their stay
Police record document
Valid medical insurance (one of the followings shall be sufficient):

oDocument enabling health services in Turkey within the scope of bilateral social security agreements
oProvision document issued by Social Security Institution
oDocument regarding the application made to the Social Security Institution to have general health insurance
oPrivate health insurance » Purchase residence permit health insurance Online or get a quote here
oDocument showing that registry in the Address Registry System

Additional information and document may be requested by administration

4.1.2 Application for Extension

It is issued indefinitely. It is not extended.


• Additional information and document may be requested by administration.

• Photo must be taken within the last 6-month (frontal, clear face, in a way that the foreigner can be recognized easily) with a white background and as biometric.

• In cases where passport is not written in Latin letters, certified translation by a sworn translator or official authorities shall also be added to the application.

• If name and surname have not been written seperately in the passport, the foreigner is requested to submit a document showing his/her clear identity information to be taken from his/her own representative office.

• The foreigner shall be given the complementary information and documents required during the application and he/she are required to submit those documents max. in 30 days. Otherwise, the application shall be cancelled


» 8 year Long Term Turkish Residence Permit (permanent permit) explained

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Disclaimer: This is for information purposes ONLY - The information is not legally binding. All information is obtained from the LAW ON FOREIGNERS AND INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION Document 2014 - REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF INTERIOR DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF MIGRATION MANAGEMENT

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