The Turkish schooling system starts from the age of 3yrs and ends at age 18-19yrs:

• Pre-Primary (Okul Öncesi): This is an optional pre-school education, for children from age three to six years

• Primary (İlköğretim) education: Is compulsory education for all children in Turkey from age 6/7 to 14/15; it is free at state public schools and obviously paid for at private schools. This education lasts 8 years (Grade 1 to Grade 8) with foreign language lessons starting from the 4th grade

• Secondary (Lise): Schooling for students from age 14/15 to 18/19; it lasts 4 years (Grade 9 to Grade 12). Secondary education includes general, vocational and technical high schools

It is important to remember that the Turkish state schools do not provide special help to children whose first language is not Turkish. The language of teaching in all education and training at state schools is Turkish.

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