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Foreigners are permitted to purchase or to sell used cars in Turkey.

When buying a second had car in Turkey the seller must submit to the buyer the following details-

Evidence that the vehicle is free of motor vehicle debt, a document issued by the tax office will provide prove of this.

It is important to confirm that the stamped motor and chassis numbers on the car correspond with those in the vehicle registration certificate

Verify the seller is the legally registered owner of the car

The seller must provide the buyer with the following:

• Proof of payment of vehicle tax (MTV)
• Proof of no outstanding traffic fines
• Proof of a clean vehicle inspection test (Araç muayene sorgulama)
• Proof of up to date compulsory traffic insurance (Zorunlu trafik sigortası kontrolü)
• Proof of address
Registration plates

The sale

The agreement of the sale must take place at a notary office, with a sales agreement contract drawn up between the buyer and the seller.

Required documents for the sale in Notary:

• Vehicle registration book (Ruhsat)
• Registration document (Trafik Belgesi)
• Passport/ID of buyer and seller

The notary will make checks on both the buyer and seller's identity. The Noter will confirm that there are no problems the registration of the vehicle and will examine the sales agreement. If everything is agreed, the buyer, seller and notary sign the sales agreement and the registration transaction is made, the registration document is then issued to the new owner.

The Traffic Registry Office is informed of the sale. Compulsory insurance (Zorunlu trafik sigortası kontrolü) is an essential requirement for the finalisation of the plate registration.
The duplicate of the registration document is posted to the buyer within 15 days of the sale. The new owner of the vehicle has 10 days to insure the vehicle.

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