Some Foreign nationals are required to obtain a visa for visiting Turkey.

Foreigners from most countries (including USA, UK, Australia, Canada)
can visit Turkey for a total of 90 days in every 180.
*Please read YellAli's latest article
» 90/180 day tourist visa for Turkey – new rules explained

*e-Visa - Applicants need to visit » , and provide the requested information. Once the application has been approved and online payment made, please download the e-Visa.
Please print and shown to the Turkish custom officers upon arrival in to Turkey.

Can I still obtain a tourist visa at the airport? when will this change?

Yes, you can still obtain a "sticker visa" or e-visa via the interactive kiosk at the airport upon arrival into Turkey.

Please Note : Be careful not to overstay. Overstaying your visa is taken very seriously by the Turkish Authorities.

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