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If your current title deed (tapu) has 'Kat irtifakı' checked on your document and not 'Kat mülkiyeti', this will not effect you legally, providing you have a » habitation certificate.
By having your habitation certificate (living permission), you are entitled to electricity & water in your own name etc.

By having 'Kat irtifakı' checked the property is classified as a 'dwelling' and after the building is fully construction/completed,  it would usually be 'upgraded' to a finished build. ('Kat mülkiyeti')

If the Tapu remains as 'Kat irtifakı'  it is not a huge problem and will not effect you legally. (By this we mean, legal rights to electricity, water, living etc)

If you want to change the status of your property, you will need to submit the following documentation to your local deed office;

- Habitation certificate (living permission)
- Management plan of the site (if applicable)
- Construction plan of the building

There will be some fees involved to change it from 'Kat irtifakı' to 'Kat mülkiyeti'. 

Please note; If you have paid your builder to do this, then they must complete this fully and pay all the fees.

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