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About FIT – Groupama Health Insurance
For Foreigners in Turkey

Is Health insurance compulsory for Foreign residents in Turkey?

With the new law that went into force in April 2014 obtaining a Turkish residence permit requires a proof of health insurance covering inpatient and outpatient treatments. Emergency care insurance is not accepted. If you do have a foreign health insurance policy for health cares in Turkey that extends beyond emergency care, you must get the documentation of your plan translated into Turkish and notarized. If you do not have any insurance, you must buy a policy in Turkey.

To obtain an instant online quotation for private health insurance please see;

» Instant Online Quote Health Insurance

What are the coverages covered by FIT Insurance ?

In the table below, you may find the coverages :


contracted healthcare institutions. For more details :


What is the age limit of FIT Insurance ?

The Groupama Sigorta FIT product is available to customers up to age of 65. New customers who join at 65 years old can remain with Groupama Sigorta as a permanent renewal.

Does this FIT insurance meet the minimum requirements for residency permits?

FIT insurance is totally compliant for Residence Permit requirements for you and your family. Besides, covering the minimum requirements, it offers several advantages :

§ In case of an illness or an accident , expenses for inpatient and outpatient cares are covered
§ Valid in all private health institutions
§ No insured’s contribution in contracted institutions for inpatient cares .
§ 24/7 Health Assistance
§ Affordable premium, payment with Turkish or Foreign Credit card.

What does the Domestic Emergency Assistance Service cover?

Domestic emergency assistance includes transportation to the nearest hospital or health institution by land ambulance (or scheduled flight). The assistance company arranges organization and pay for the fees of land ambulance and for air ambulance in the limit of medical treatment.

How is the premium determinated ?

The insurance premium is calculated based on the standard tariff premiums as established for the age, the gender and the chosen plan by taking into account the criteria of loss/premium ratio of the insured, current disease risks of the insured and list of contracted institutions for health insurance for foreigners being in effect for the policy.

For any disease/disorder of the insured, additional premium for disease within the range of 5 to 50% per disease can be applied.

What are the payment facilities ?

You can spread the cost of your annual private health insurance policy when you purchase Groupama Sigorta's FIT health Insurance online.

When you purchase online , your premium can b e paid over a period of 9 months. 9 months annuity *

YKB -­‐ World
* Garanti Bank. -­‐ Bonus
* İş Bank. -­‐ Maximum
* Akbank -­‐ Axess
* Bank Asya – Asya Kart
* Halkbank -­‐ Paraf Kart
* HSBC – Advantage

When  Can  I  benefit  from  the  coverages?

Expenses   incurred   for   outpatient   diagnosis,   outpatient   treatment,   minor   procedure,   surgical   and   inpatient  diagnosis  and  treatment  of  the  following  diseases  and  complications  are  excluded  from  the   coverage  for  12  months  following  the  date  of  being  insured  b y  Groupama  Sigorta  first  time  ever,   except  for  the  cost  of  the  physician’s  initial  examination:  

Cardiac,  Cancer,  Organ  Transplantation  and  Organ  Failure,  Adhesiolysis,  Chronic  Diseases  (Diabetes,   Hypertension,   COPD,   MS,   etc.),   Hernias,   Hemorrhoid   /   Anal   Fistula,   Anal   Fissure   /   Anal   Abscess,   Perianal   Abscess,   Bartholin’s   Abscess/Cyst,   Breast   Diseases,   Tonsillitis,   Adenoid,   Thyroid   Gland   Diseases/Goiter,  Otitis  Media,  Cataract,  Glaucoma  and  Retinal  Diseases,  Disc  Diseases  (Discopathy),   Gall   Bladder   and   Bili ary   Track   Diseases,   Urinary   System   Stone,   Ovary   Cyst,   Myoma   and   Prostate   Diseases,  Sinus  Pilonidalisis,  any  benign  tumor   -­‐ Mass   -­‐ Polyp   -­‐ Lipoma   -­‐ Nevus  Wart  (Verruca),  Cyst,   Carpal   Tunnel   Syndrome,   Ulnar   Tunnel   Syndrome,   Varicose,   Coxarthrosis,   gastroesop hagial   reflux,   peptic   ulcer,   auto -­‐ sclerosis,   endometriosis,   endometrioma,   sinusitis,   hygroma,   stress   incontinence,   cystorectocele,  shoulder  and  knee  surgery  (meniscus,  cartilage,  synovia  and  ligament  lesions,  etc.).  

Which  hospitals  are  contracted  ones?

The  list  of  healthcare  institutions  contracted  for  health  ınsurance  provided  to  foreigners  can  be  find   by  following  the  link  :  


by  choosing   “ Health  Insurance  for  Foreign  Nationals ” as  type  of  network. What  if  I  go  to  a  non -­‐ contracted  hospital  or  health  institution..?

If   you   choose   to   go   to   a   non -­‐ contracted   hospital   or   health   institution,   the   limit   of   the   coverage   regarding   your   treatment   is   not   the   same   as   in   the   contracted   hospitals.   As   for   example,   in   a   contracted  hospital,  the  insured  will  pay  no  contribution  for  inpatient  treatment.  But  if  he  chooses  a   non-­‐contracted  hospital,  he  must  pay  %20  of  the  total  treatment  amount.

What  should  I  do  to  get  FIT  insurance?

Follow the online steps » here:- (You are buying direct from Groupama Sigorta, no agent or broker)


If  I  have  any  problem  or  question  that  arises  (eg:  when  visiting  a  doctor/  payment  inquiries)  who   do  I  call?  

For  any  concern  you  can  reach  Groupama  Medical  Customer  Services  on  0850  250  50  50 or  by  mail  at

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