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If the real estate investment is made, when the client may apply for acquiring citizenship? Immediately or after the 3-mentioned years? If the real estate investment of $250.000 is made for a real estate that is still under construction, and no title deed is available, can the investo I do not have time to come to Turkey. How can I get Turkish citizenship?
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First Applications and Applications for Transfer


A “Central Appointment System” has been developed for the applications of first residence permit as well as for changing residence permit types.

Through this system, first applications and applications for changing to long term residence permits, short term residence permits, family and student residence permits can be made.

Applications for humanitarian residence permits and the permits of victims of human trafficking must be made at Provincial Directorates of Migration Management.


First applications or applications for changing the type of residence permit (changing from short term residence permits to long term residence permits, from family residence permits to short term residence permits etc.) or applications to be made due to the fact that the purpose of stay has changed must be made, in any case, before the expiration of the visa or the residence permit.
In order to make the application, you have to fill out the residence permit application form completely. Please be sure that your document contents comply with your statements.

After the application form has been filled out, a residence permit application form that shows the application date, application time, application number as well as required documents is produced by the system. The foreigner is granted the right to legally reside in Turkey with this form until the appointment date. However, this document does not grant the foreigner the right to enter into and exit from the country.

During the application, it is necessary to upload the photo into the system.

You are required to apply to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in your province on the date and time stated in your appointment. Otherwise your application shall not be put into process.

Cancellation or updating of your appointment is out of question.

In the event that you possess the required conditions and the request is found appropriate, the period for your residence permit shall be initiated, as a rule, as of the date the visa or the residence permit period expires.


The required documents shall vary depending on the residence permit or the reason of stay that you select. The administration may always ask for additional information and documents concerning your residence permit request. It is required to have a passport or a document substituting a passport which is 60 days longer than the requested residence permit period.

In the event that only the legal representative appears on appointment date, it is requested that this person submits documents that prove he/she is legal representative.

You can pay application fee and card fee to finance pay-office, fiscal directorates or banks approved by Ministry of Finance. Please pay application fee and card fee separately and ask for duplicate receipts.

Photo must be taken within the last 6-month (frontal, clear face, in a way that the foreigner can be recognized easily) with a white background and as biometric.

In cases where passport is not written in Latin letters, certified translation by a sworn translator or official authorities shall also be added to the application.

If name and surname are not written separately in passport, it is required that you to submit document to be taken from your own country representatives showing clear identity information to administration.

The birth certificate may be requested for foreign minors.

During the requested residence permit period, if your expenses concerning food, accommodation or health are covered by public institutions, please notify the administration about the documents showing those.

In cases where the person concerned is under the age of 18, a deed of consent which shall be given by his/her mother/father who lives abroad or by legal representative and also the recognizance which shall be given by natural or legal persons on condition that it is stated in the deed of consent are required to be submitted to the administration.

Please visit the address below for detailed information about the residence permit application documents:


You shall be given the complementary information and documents required during the application and you are required to submit those documents max. in 30 days.

If the documents are not completed in time, your application shall be removed and you shall be subject to the general provisions concerning visa and residence permit violations.


Pursuant to Article 97 of Law No: 6458, Directorate General of Migration Management or Provincial Directorate of Migration Management may request you to be present for the reasons which are as follows: emerging of examination need about your entry into and stay in Turkey, possibility of taking a removal decision against you, notification for the actions regarding the implementation of this Law. It is an obligation for you to respond to summons.

In case you do not respond to summons or there is a serious doubt of not-responding, you may be brought by the police force without being summoned.


For confirmation and information, please notify a valid mobile phone number and an e-mail address you use. The notification that are sent to this number and e-mail address shall be deemed to be made to you.

Please check your e-mail box until your residence permit document reaches you (the notifications may drop into Junk E-Mail folder). Please ignore the e-mails sent to you regarding your residence permit actions except for the e-mails with “” extension.

Please follow the following link to reach the address list of the Directorate of Provincial Migration Management.


The appointments given by foreigners’ department before 18th May 2015 are also required to be renewed over the system.

The date and number of the previous appointments are required to be registered in the system.

The previous appointment document, if available, is also required to be submitted on the appointment day.


(!) For the applications not being put into process, General Provisions shall apply to the visa or residence permit violations.

(!) You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information you state.

(!) In case you make a false statement; legal action shall be taken against you, your application for residence permit shall be refused, the residence permit, if it has been given, shall be cancelled and procedures for your removal shall be initiated pursuant to the Article 206 of Turkish Penal Code dated 26/9/2004 and numbered 5237.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided as a general guide. Information published to YellAli is confirmed by official government departments in Turkey. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the site is up to date and accurate, information may be subject to change at any time. YellAli does not accept any responsibility or liability for inaccuracies in this information.

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