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If you have been suspended from SGK whilst waiting for your new Residence permit card, please see below:

For a SGK policy holder to remain fully insured whilst awaiting his/her residence permit, you may present your local SGK office with a stamped copy of your residence permit application form. (As pictured below)

(Please note: When you submit your extension application online, you will be given the option to download the above application form - Müracaat_Formu.pdf)

Alternatively when applying for a First Time application online you will not have the option to download the above form. Instead please obtain this document directly from the Migration department (this includes; Long Term Residence Permit, First time application for Short-term, Family Permit & Student permits) - The authorities will stamp this and it will be valid for up to one year.
(You may also use this document to exit Turkey whilst awaiting your residence permit card - allowing you a maximum of 15 days travel)

Your local migration office address and contact details can be found in the link below.
Please speak to the office administration department. For validity they must stamp the application form.


Once completed you may now visit your local SGK office and provide them with the stamped application from, after they will re-active your SGK account.

Please note; We have received reports of some district SGK offices not accepting this method. If this includes your district, then please wait until you receive your residence permit card before re-activating your SGK account.

Residence Permit Application - Professional Service
Contact us here if you need professional assistance

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