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If the real estate investment is made, when the client may apply for acquiring citizenship? Immediately or after the 3-mentioned years? If the real estate investment of $250.000 is made for a real estate that is still under construction, and no title deed is available, can the investo I do not have time to come to Turkey. How can I get Turkish citizenship?
Which nationalities are accepted for the Turkish passport? What is the fastest way to get Turkish Citizenship?
In April 2014 a new foreigners’ law
(Foreigners & International Protection Act - Law No. 6458) came into force.
Together with the introduction of the new law Migration Offices (Göç İdaresi)
were founded which took over the duties and responsibilities of the previous
foreigner departments of the Turkish police.

Migration Offices can be found in the capitals of every province (click here for a full list), but some provinces with a high population of foreigners (such as Istanbul, Aydın, Muğla, Antalya) also have Migration Offices attached to some of their district governorship (Kaymakamlık) – such as Fethiye and Bodrum in Muğla or Kaş, Kemer and Manavgat in Antalya. Beylikdüzü & Kadıköy in Istanbul

The Migration Offices are in charge of accepting applications for residence permits, controlling the application files and approving the residence permits. The permits are centrally issued in Ankara and dispatched by courier service (PTT Kargo) to the applicant’s address. Applications for residence permits have to be made online via the Migration Office’s website:

Who needs a residence permit?
If you are coming to Turkey on holiday you usually have a 90/180 day visa. (Please note; This will Depend upon your nationality and visa type, as some Visa's are given max. 20 or 30 days - sometimes less)
This allows you to stay in Turkey for a maximum of 90 days, out of a period of 180 consecutive days.  You can make as many trips as you like within those 180 days, providing you don't stay for more than 90 days in total. If you want to stay longer you have to apply for one of the residence permits listed below (depending on your situation)

There are also a couple of other reasons to obtain a residence permit, for example:
Anyone who purchases property in Turkey will need a residence permit to have utilities such as water, electricity or a telephone landline registered in their name.
You need a residence permit to have a car or motorbike registered in your name.
If your child is to attend an educational establishment in Turkey you must have resident’s status in order to register them.
A residence permit is necessary before you can clear any personal goods from Turkish customs.

Types of residence permits
Short term residence permit
Family residence permit
Student residence permit
Long term residence permit
Humanitarian residence permit
Residence permit to victims of human trafficking

Turkish Residence Permit

General requirements

If you want to apply for a residence permit you must have:

- A Turkish tax number (link)

- A passport which is valid 60 days beyond the required expiry date of your residence permit (exception: Long term residence permit)
- A recognised address (this can be tricky as the online page requires exact addresses as registered in the centralised address system and many house owners do not even know their correct address. If unsure, you can obtain your address from the municipal numarataj servisi by providing the title deed registration details.

Proof of residence, either through

- Your own title deed or

- A notarized copy of your original tenancy agreement (in Turkish language) or

- A letter of undertaking (taahhütname) issued by a notary and signed by someone who undertakes to accept you as his/her guest for the length of your intended residency. (Such letters are usually not accepted for periods longer than one year) or

- A confirmation letter, reservation or invoice from hotel/pension/apart showing the period of time you will stay for

- Health insurance that will cover you for the length of your intended stay.

- Health insurance is mandatory for all applicants between 18 and 65 years of age. Accepted types of health insurance are:

- Turkish private health insurance covering basic requirements as laid down in circular no. 9 dated 06.06.2014. The policy must contain the following wording "This policy covers the minimum coverage stipulated in the circular no 9, dated 06/06/2014, on private health insurance required to be taken out for residence permit applications."

Important: Foreign private insurance policies – as comprehensive as they may be – are not accepted!

- Insurance based on bilateral social security agreements (the related proof of insurance must be obtained from the local SGK office) Turkish General Health Insurance (Genel Sağlık Sigortası or SGK) You must present a document showing that you are affiliated with or have signed up for SGK.

! ATTENTION ! - » HEALTH INSURANCE is mandatory for those under 65.
Private health insurance for the Residence Permit can be obtained online;  

Confused? Contact us for professional assistance

- Sufficient means to support yourself during the intended period of residency (you are not allowed to work with a residence permit) Accepted proofs of assets are;

Original bank statements from a Turkish bank signed and stamped by an authorised bank official. The account(s) must be in your name. Translated and notarized pension statements

The amount considered as sufficient per person is equivalent of the Turkish minimum wage (1.500 TL in 2017). So as an example: if you apply for one year you must dispose of 12 x 1.500 TL = 18.000 TL and this amount must appear on your account.

Note: You have to declare your financial status in the online application form but you may not be asked for proof of income/assets when you apply for a short term residence permit. It is up to the officer to decide whether he/she wants to see supportive documents.

Four biometric (5x6cm) photos taken within the last 6 months.

Turkish Residence Permit

Involved cost

Every applicant will have to pay an administration fee for the residency card (63 TL in 2017)

Most applicants will have to pay a residency tax. The amount depends on nationality, requested permit type and duration. (link to fees)

Important: Nationals of countries who enter Turkey without a visa (such as Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland a.o.) are liable to a so-called single entry visa fee (tek giriş vize harcı) when they first apply for a residence permit (not for extensions). This fee amounts to 400,80 TL in 2017.

Important notes for first-time applicants
Even though Law No. 6458 provides that first-time applications must be made to Turkish consulates in the applicant’s country of origin in practice this rule is not applied for the time being. The application is made to the İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü of the province where the applicant intends to reside.

As soon as the online application is made and an appointment fixed, your stay in Turkey is legal, even though you have not yet submitted your file. However, you cannot leave the country in the timespan between application and appointment if your 90 days already expired.

After having attended the appointment and before having received your residence permit card you may leave the country for a maximum of 14 days. The Migration Office issues a so-called Müracaat Belgesi which certifies that your application for a residence permit has been accepted. This document must be shown at the passport control.

You cannot apply for a residence permit after your 90 day tourist visa has expired. You must leave the country (and possibly pay a fine for overstaying). You may then immediately return to Turkey if you sign a declaration at the border police that you will apply for residency within the following 10 days.


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