Benefiting from the E-Devlet services
The online service is only available in Turkish - so you will either need assistance from a Turkish speaker or have an understanding of written Turkish.

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The service is very easy and the possibilities to obtain official documents or to pay tax, duties or fines just with a mouse click makes it very easy for users.

Many services relate to Turkish citizens but here’s a list of services available to foreign residents:


Obtain a criminal record check (Adli Sicil Kaydı) : (needed for conversion of driving licenses or LTRP applications)

If you are involved in a court case you can check the progress of the action online:


View the details of vehicles registered in your name :

View and pay traffic fines for your vehicle »

Check balance of your HGS account (automatic payment of motorway, bridges, tunnel use) »


Check info and expiry dates of your current health, earthquake (DASK), traffic, kasko, life insurance policies :
» ‘Sigorta’)


Check details of real estate registered in your name (registration details, encumbrances etc.) :

Public registry
Obtain document of residence (yerleşim belgesi) stating your address (required for residence permit extensions)

Change of address (registered signature required for this)

Turkish citizens obtain identity register copies (Nüfus kayıt örneği)

Check your registered address

Tax Office

Check any outstanding tax debts to the state

Pay tax online (Turkish credit card needed)

Make tax declarations (e.g. income from property rent) »


Make doctor appointment with public hospital or dental clinics



Social Security

Follow up status of your SGK application »

Check and pay SGK premium debts »

For those employed in the system, check your status (has your employer paid the contribution fees, how many days left until retirement)


Check debt status of your mobile phones and landlines

Register mobile phone brought from abroad and pay the related fee »

And – last but not least – you can send a direct letter to Mr. Erdoğan, president of the Turkish Republic!

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E-devlet Password - Please note: Every three months the system will ask you to change your password. You can do this online provided you have added your mobile phone number to the system.

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