New regulations regarding work permits - Important changes to work permits for foreigners 2018

Q. Who do you contact to follow up a work permit application?

Ministry of Labour

Q. Can you work in Turkey without a work permit?


Q. Can you help me apply for a job in Turkey

This is not a service we offer

Q. Do you have to have a job to apply for a work permit?

Yes, the work permit covers a specific job and the company that employs you will apply for the work permit on your behalf. Yell Ali can assist the company with the application

Q. Can i apply for a Turkish work permit from my home country?

Yes, you need to visit the consulate in your home country to start the application process.

Q. If I have a work permit can I travel outside of Turkey

Yes you can travel outside of Turkey if you have a valid work permit.

Q. Can i leave Turkey while my work permit is in process?

No, the ministry prohibits leaving the country during a work permit application.

Q. What happens if your work permit gets cancelled ? Do you have to leave the country the same day?

If your work permit is cancelled you have 10 days to make an application for a residence permit.

If you do not apply for a residence permit within 10 days you will need to leave Turkey and re-enter on a visa.

Q. If my work permit application is rejected can i appeal the decision?

Yes, you have 30 days to make an appeal. If your work permit application is rejected twice for any reason you then need to make your appeal to a judge.

Q. Could you tell me the position please regarding a foreigner working online in Turkey?

If you want to work from Turkey and have your salary paid to an account here, then you must set-up as a sole trader or company and obtain a work permit.

If you will work online from home and occasionally travel abroad to your place of work, and have the money paid to an account off-shore, then this will be OK, assuming this company has no affiliation with Turkey or offices in Turkey?

Q. Can you apply for a work permit without a diploma or degree certificate?

You do indeed need a diploma, or degree cert. or a cert. from a specialist course. And that the high school document will not suffice. If the school cert. is used then the work permit application will be rejected.

Q. I will have a paid internship in hospital in Turkey, so i would like to ask should i apply for a short residence permit or work permit in Turkey ?

You must apply for both the residence permit and after the work permit.

Q. Could you please tell me if a foreign person (With residence permit) married to a Turkish citizen entitles you to work? or do you still need a work permit?

If you hold Turkish citizenship (kimlik) you may work in Turkey without a work permit. If you hold a residence permit then you cannot legally work in Turkey, you must apply for a work permit.

Q. I applied for my working permit but unfortunately my application was rejected, please help me what I must need to do.

You have to speak to the ministry of labor. They are the only ones who can assist you as they were the one who rejected your application. You have 30 days to appeal the decision.

Q. I own a business here – restaurant/bar and understand it is now possible to buy a work permit? Is that correct? I would like to be able to work there if possible?

I assume as an owner you are the main shareholder or own more than 20% of your company.

For your information as the owner / director of the company you may apply for a work permit based on being a key person of the company. However you must first meet the following criteria:-

1. Employ a min. of 5 Turkish staff

2. Have a min. 100,000 TL lira capital (this must be paid in full at the time of making your work permit application)

At the time of making the WP application you must have a min. 6 months remaining of your residence permit.


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