How do I get a Turkish work permit? 1. Initial Application: You can file an application to obtain a work permit in Turkey whilst abroad or in Turkey itself. If you file for application abroad, foreigners are required to also file an application at a consulate of the Republic of Turkey in the country in which they are a permanent resident or citizen. The application will need to be given with a labour contract, letter of assignment or a document stating company partnership. The Turkish employer needs to file an online application and submit the required information and documents to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. This can either be done online or in person, but needs to be completed within 10 days (after the candidate’s application to a consulate). The consulates of the Republic of Turkey and the ministry will execute the online procedures for the work permit applications filed abroad. Apart from residency permits that are issued for education in Turkey, foreigners who hold residency permits with a remaining term of at least six months, or the employers, can file for a work permit. Application needs to be made to the consulates of the Republic of Turkey. The documents need to be given to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, via mail or in person within six working days after the online application. The Ministry of Labour and Social Social Security will apply to the relevant ministries and authorities. This process normally takes approximately 30 days. If any documents are missing this process may take longer. The final decision regarding the work permit application will be notified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If filed outside Turkey, the ministry will notify the employer. Work permits may vary by relevant sector such as education, health services, tourism, entertainment, aviation, house-keeping, also to foreign direct investments. Let YellAli assist you with your application, we can do everything from start to finish quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for a quotation on

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