If you decide to sell your property any time in first five years (four years if you acquired the property before 1st January 2007), you will have to pay “Capital Gains Tax” in Turkey. You will be exempt from this tax after the first 5 (or 4) years. The amount of the tax will be calculated as a percentage of the profit you make between the cost (What you declared when you first bought your property) and the sale price (What you declare at the Land Registry Office when you sell your property).

OTHER FEES - The fees include; Sales transfer fee of 4 % - plus some small additional administrative taxes. Please note; According to Turkish Law, the title deed transfer *fee should be payable by both parties 2% from buyer, and 2% from seller, however in practice it is usually the buyers responsibly to pay the whole amount of 4%. This will of course be according to the terms of your negotiation.

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