If your child is born in Turkey and you are NOT a Turkish citizen, you can register the birth at your nearest native consulate, this enables your child to be given a birth certificate from your native country and the birth will be registered there also.

Before you can register your childs birth at your native countries consulate you first need to register the birth at the Turkish registry office, you need to have your Formula A form.

You need to register the birth within 30 days (to not do so incurs a fine).

Registration of birth at Consulate; documentation required:

• hospital birth report (doğum raporu)
• Formula A document
• Passport of parent(s)
• FULL birth certificate of parent(s)
• parents’ marriage certificate
• divorce decree if either parent has been married before
• Fee; Registration and Birth Certificate Fee

If you and your partner are not married and you would like both parents details recorded on the birth certificate, both parents will need to swear Statutory Paternity Declarations.

Note; British Citizens please see :- » www.gov.uk/register-a-birth

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