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How to open a bank account in Turkey;

You will need;

- Turkish tax number (Vergi Numerasi)
- Your passport
- *Foreigners identity number (YKN) (*where applicable)
- Utility Bill
See also What is a YKN?

Do I need a Yabanci Kimlik Number (YKN - Foreigners Identity Number) to open a bank account in Turkey?
You will find that some Turkish banks will accept a Turkish tax number, original passport (and Utility Bill) and others (particularly in Istanbul) will insist on seeing a YKN before opening a bank account.

Opening a Bank Account
You may open a bank account in your own name. Please show your original passport & Turkish Tax Number, or *YKN
A Turkish tax number can be obtained from the local tax office. (Vergi Dairesi). Please visit your local Turkish tax office. (Maliye Vergi Dairesi) And give them a copy of your passport.(photo page) and request a Tax Identification number (Vergi Numarası) This is free and will only take a few minutes. Shortly after you will be issued a Turkish tax number.

A bank account can be opened in any Turkish City.
You will need to complete the relevant forms at the bank.

Online banking - All Turkish banks offer online banking; please ask your branch to arrange this online service

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Turkey's Major Banks;

All of the below banks provide Internet banking, telephone banking and ATM banking services in English

İş Bankası

Foreign banks operating in Turkey:

Eurobank Tekfen
Fortis Bank
ING Bank

Please note: You are required to make the application in person, for both a Turkish tax number and a bank account.
You do not need to live in Turkey or have a Turkish address to get either a Turkish tax number or open a bank account. Please speak to your local bank for full details.

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