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Having a residence permit is a necessity before you can clear any personal items from the Turkish Customs. It is important that you apply for a residence permit at least one month from the date of your arrival into Turkey.

There are various companies that will ship your goods to Turkey. Once they have arrived at the Turkish port of entry you need to go there to collect your goods or issue a power of attorney for someone to collect your items on your behalf. It is advised you are accompanied by a Turkish speaker so as to be able to talk with the customs officials This can be a smooth or difficult process depending upon the customs officer involved and the type of goods you are bringing in. Electronic goods are highly taxed so it is not recommended you bring electrical items into Turkey.
Remember to take with you a form of ID and cash for import tax. Import tax is normally priced at per item, and the cost varies. If you are a resident of Turkey and hold a valid residency permit, you are entitled to bring your personal effects (including furniture) into the country without paying import duty, provided they (the effects) arrive within 6 months of your arrival in the country.

If you are a non Turkish national you will need to take the following documentation with you to ensure you are able to complete the paperwork when picking up your goods:

• Passport with valid entry stamp
• Work Permit (if applicable)
• Work Visa from Turkish Consulate (if applicable)
Residence Permit
• Inventory of goods including serial numbers and make/model
• Power of Attorney (if someone is collecting goods on your behalf)
• Bank Guarantee letter

Requirements for importing personal items these are as follows:

• Used household goods and personal effects must be for own use.
• Goods must arrive no earlier than 2 months before arrival and no longer than 6 months after arrival.
• Electrical goods must be compatible with number of members in family. Please be aware any duplicate electrical goods will incur duties up to 15-17% of sale value in Turkey.

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