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Yes, if you plan to live in Turkey permanently, you are required to purchase a
Turkish residence permit.
A residence permit is a permit granted to foreign nationals,
allowing them to live in Turkey;

Residency Permit Types

(1) Types of residence permits are the listed below:
a) » short-term residence permit;
b) » family residence permit;
c) » student residence permit;
ç) » long-term residence permit;
d) humanitarian residence permit;
e) victim of human trafficking residence permit.

Health Insurance (under 65 years old) is a mandatory requirement for the Turkish Residence Permit

You can get an online quote for health insurance here » Health Insurance Quote

Please note: Foreigners applying for a residence permit shall be required to hold a passport or a travel document valid at least sixty days beyond the duration of the requested residence permit.

Please note: Residence permits shall be issued separately for every foreigner depending on the purpose of stay, [in any case] for a period sixty days shorter than the validity period of the passport or travel document.

! ATTENTION ! - » HEALTH INSURANCE is mandatory for those under 65.
Private health insurance for the Residence Permit can be obtained online;  

Turkish Residence Permit

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes ONLY - The information is not legally binding. All information is obtained from the LAW ON FOREIGNERS AND INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION Document 2014 - REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF INTERIOR DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF MIGRATION MANAGEMENT

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All British holidaymakers must purchase a 20 USD tourist entry visa which is valid for 180 days, allowing you multiple entries into Turkey for a maximum of 90 days over a 180 day period.
Please see e-visa Turkey

Important Notice: Please read YellAli's latest article; 90/180 day tourist visa explained

A multiple-entry visa allows multiple entries into Turkey within the span of its validity without incurring any additional cost.

Overstaying - The penalty for over-staying your visa can be a fine (which increases depending on the time spent over the time limit), potential deportation and in some cases, a ban on returning to the country. This ban can be anywhere between three months and five years.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided as a general guide. Information published to YellAli is confirmed by official government departments in Turkey. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the site is up to date and accurate, information may be subject to change at any time. YellAli does not accept any responsibility or liability for inaccuracies in this information.

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An e-Visa is a document that allows the bearer to legally enter Turkey.

Applicants can obtain an e-visa from (official government website)
Once the applicants details have been entered online and payment made (by credit card) the e-visa will be sent to the registered email address.

Prices are approx. 12GBP or 20USD

Applicants need to print out their e-Visa and show it to customs officials when entering Turkey.

Please note: Turkish authorities can deny entrance of a holder of e-Visa to Turkey in certain cases. Holders of visas issued by Turkish embassies or consulates are subject to the same procedure too, thus can be denied entrance.
e-Visa is granted only for tourism and trade purposes. Application for other types of visa (work visa, student visa etc.) are required to be submitted through Turkish Embassies or Consulates.

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Foreigners arriving to Turkey without a visa will be able to obtain their e-Visas via interactive kiosks to be placed at Turkish airports.

Please note: Lengthy delays are expected at Turkish airports for those purchasing a visa via the kiosks. It is advisable to purchase an e-visa online.

See also; » Announcement on countries who ended visa stamp application at the border gates


United Kingdom , Ireland, U.S.A, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Spain 20 $ 30 $ / 25 € / 20 £
Australia, Canada 60 $ 70 $/ 50 € / 45 £
Iraq, Kuwait, Malta, South African Republic No Fee No Fee

For all other countries please see Visa Fees for all Countries

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Tags: e-visa, Visas