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Valentine's Day in Turkey

13th February 2017 Valentine's Day is a relative newcomer to Turkey. It was popularized by the men's magazine "Erkekçe" in the mid-80s. Turks know Valentine's Day by the name "Sevgililer Günü" which literally means "Lovers Day."That is, while the origins of the holiday in the West are traced back to...

How to make your business grow in Turkey

5th December 2016 Setting up your business in Turkey gives you access to a huge amount of potential customers from Turkey and beyond. Turkey’s location, quite literally being the place where the east and west meet gives it a number of advantages that Turkish businesses can use to grow their business and...

Republic Day in Turkey - What does it mean?

28th October 2016 Republic Day in Turkey
Many people in Turkey celebrate Republic Day on October 29 by attending performances and participating in traditional processions with flags and musical bands. The Turkish Republic’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk proclaimed Republic Day as Turkey’s most...

5 Reasons Why Briton’s Love Turkey

3rd October 2016 While Turkey is visited by people from all around the world it can’t be denied that Turkey and the UK have a close bond. With over 40,000 British expats living in Turkey permanently and thriving expat communities the British just seem to love Turkey but why?
The Location  The UK...

Facts: Sacrifice Feast in Turkey - Kurban Bayramı

12th September 2016 The Sacrifice Feast in Turkey is a four-day religious festival. The Sacrifice Feast traditions in Turkey include sacrificing an animal in a special ritual, visiting relatives and helping the poor.
What Do People Do?
The Sacrifice Feast is one of the oldest Islamic holidays in Turkey. It...

What does Zafer Bayramı mean in Turkey?

30th August 2016 Victory Day (local name: Zafer Bayramı) on August 30 is a national holiday in Turkey to commemorate the victory in the Battle of Dumlupınar, one of the final and the most decisive battles in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922.
Victory Day in Turkey
Military parades and ceremonies at...

Digging Up The Past – Turkey's Archaeological Discoveries

12th March 2016 Turkish archaeologists may soon unearth a lost underwater island off the coast of Istanbul. It's believed the lost island was first noticed on Byzantine maps and was photographed by an exploration team in 2015.The Vordonisi Island was known to exist in the Byzantine era but now lies under the...

Turkish Cinema – Turkey’s Infamous Movie Remakes

22nd February 2016 The Turkish cinema is a wonderful place, there's been countless Turkish films that have captured the imaginations of audiences all around the world. However Turkey like every other country also produced some movies it would likely rather forget.You see many years ago during the 1950's and early...

Turkish Superstitions – You Might Have more In Common Than You Think

9th February 2016 Turkish people like most other cultures have their own superstitions, don't worry you don't have to follow them, after all do most people? But they do tell us about Turkish history and culture and show that are shared distrust of black cats is something we'll always have in common. So let's take a...

Dates for your Diary 2016

9th January 2016 Dates for your Diary 2016 There’s certainly a busy year ahead, so you better put these important dates down in your diary. Children's Day
Date: Saturday April 23rdChildren’s day is a celebration of Turkey’s children and is also a commemorative event to celebrate the life of the...
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