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Information About Divorce Procedures in Turkey

21st November 2017 As per article 4 of Statutory Decree No. 690 that has been issued within the scope of the State of Emergency and published in the Official Gazette dated 29 April 2017 No. 30052, an arrangement has been made for direct registry in the birth record of the decisions reached abroad by foreign country...


14th November 2017 According to our law, there are two principles for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship.
By birth
After Birth.
Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by birth
According to our law, there are two principles for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by birth. These princples are;

Legislative Regulation Regarding the Sale of Residential Estate and Workplace in Turkey

6th November 2017 Legislative Regulation Regarding the Sale of Residential Estate and Workplace to Aliens
In order to take advantage of the exception within Article 13/(i) of Value Added Tax Law (referred to herein as VATL), one shall neither accomplish and deliver properties as if operationalized nor...

Things to consider with a Power of Attorney - Turkey

24th October 2017 Power of Attorney - When you want a job to be done that you cannot do yourself, you have to give someone power of attorney (POA). In Turkey, POAs usually have to be legalised by a notary public to be valid and recognized by the related authority.
What you need to give POA through a Turkish notary...


23rd October 2017 Turkey as a developing country has shown remarkable performance with its steady growth over the last years. Although the economic and social crisis, Turkey keeps to be attractive for foreign and domestic investors for some strong reasons such as government promotions, qualified workforce and...


17th October 2017 OFFICIAL/SWORN TRANSLATORS IN TURKEYAny foreigner who does not speak Turkish and who wants to sign a document before a Turkish notary (power of attorney, purchase/sale of a second hand vehicle, will, foundation of a company, official notification letter and the like needs the services of a sworn...

TURKISH CONDOMINIUM LAW – Questions and Answers

10th October 2017 TURKISH CONDOMINIUM LAWWe have compiled a list of questions, with answers, we have been asked regarding Turkish Condominium Law.Q) What is Turkish Condominium Law?A) When you own or rent a property in Turkey (concerning certain properties) you automatically become part of how the entire block or...

Turkish Notary - All you need to know!

9th October 2017 NOTARIES IN TURKEY
Foreigners who start living in Turkey are usually surprised when they enter a local notary office:
There are often crowds of people, high noise levels and issues that you would consider as rather private are negotiated in full public. Sometimes, the notary does not even have a...

What you need to know about owning an apartment/villa in Turkey

13th September 2017 Site/complex management and Turkish condominium law.If you own a property in Turkey which is part of a complex, meaning that there are a group of properties, apartments or villas located together you need to know the regulations which effect you.Why your complex must comply with Turkish condominium...

Home and Contents Insurance in Turkey - FAQ's

18th July 2017 Home and Contents Insurance
How can you identify the building sum insured when you have your house insured?
When you have your house insured, the term 'building sum insured' used in insurance business means the sum needed to rebuild your house.When a house is insured, it is based on approximate...
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