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Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey? One Travel Agent Shares Her Take

15th August 2017 Turkey’s new Minister of Culture and Tourism has an ambitious plan to revive the country’s travel sector. But with tourism numbers in decline in 2016 following a failed coup and series of terrorist attacks, how will travelers respond? Travel Agent reached out to one advisor who just...

Ramadan 2017 - Are you Ready ?

23rd May 2017 Ramadan (Ramazan) will begin in the evening of Friday , May 26How will this affect Tourists?For tourists holidaying in Turkey you will most likely not notice any differences, nor be affected by the holy month of Ramadan. As in tourist areas it’s pretty much business as usual, with restaurants...

Are Fears of Coming To Turkey Justified?

4th February 2017 Let’s be honest after the dramatic events of 2016 Turkeys tourism industry understandably took a knock with fewer people coming to visit. But while it is understandable people would be worried about visiting Turkey after news of a terrorist attack are your fears justified?This is a tricky...

Dates for your Diary 2017 - Turkey

9th January 2017 Dates for your Diary 2017 There’s certainly a busy year ahead, so you better put these important dates down in your diary. Children's Day
Date: April 23rdChildren’s day is a celebration of Turkey’s children and is also a commemorative event to celebrate the life of the founder of...

Visiting Turkey During the State of Emergency

6th October 2016 ***UPDATE*** (04.01.2017) - Turkey's state of emergency will be extended for another three monthsDeputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus made the announcement following a Cabinet meeting.The state of emergency would be extended as of Jan. 19TH 2017 for 90 days, with parliament’s approval.Now...

Why I Still Went To Turkey – One Tourist’s Story

14th September 2016 Many of my friends had the good fortunate of managing to get a couple of weeks of in late July, one friend in particular surprised me by announcing they were heading to Turkey for a couple of days.
I knew they would be going somewhere they’re quite the globe trotter but still their plan to...

Why You Should Visit the Turkish Turquoise Coast!

5th September 2016
The Turquoise Coast (also known as the Turkish Rivera) certainly isn’t short of things to do or places to see and it houses many cities, towns and villages in the southwest of Turkey including the provinces of Antalya and Muğla. There’s lots for foreigners visiting...

An Adrenaline Junkies Turkish Holiday

30th August 2016 Many people come to Turkey to relax on the beaches or enjoy the ancient ruin sights and some people come to Turkey looking for that little extra shot of adrenaline.....
Skydiving Over The Ephesus
Because why stick to just looking at the famous ancient ruins of Ephesus from the ground...

Turkey's Got Something For Everyone

22nd August 2016 Turkey is a truly beautiful place and each year tourists from all over the world come to Turkey to enjoy its natural beauty and see the sights but Turkey isn’t just about beach trips and long nights out in the sun. Oh no there’s something in Turkey for everyone to enjoy so let’s...

Travelling Safely In Turkey

9th August 2016 The past few weeks have been turbulent for Turkey and a lot has changed in short space of time.Despite what you might have read or even believe many people are still travelling to and from Turkey safely and enjoying Turkey's many fantastic sights and beautiful beaches.Travelling to and from Turkey...
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