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Famous Movies filmed in Turkey

29th December 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!  Here are 10 blockbuster movies that you may not know where actually filmed in Turkey. Taken 2 Starring Liam Neeson was 80% shot in Istanbul, Turkey.  In this action sequel from director Olivier Megaton and producer/co-writer Luc-Besson, the action follows the...

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New Years Eve 2014 - Celebrate the biggest party of the year in Fethiye, Muğla

23rd December 2013

  If you're an expat living in Fethiye or just visiting, here are some ideas for New Years Eve in one of Turkeys most beautiful towns. Fethiye is a bustling town during the summer season, but it doesn’t come to an end during the festive season. Many hotels and restaurants are still...

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Salep – A Turkish hot winter drink

14th December 2013

If you happen to be in Turkey during the cold winter months then the traditional hot drink known as Salep will certainly warm you up. 

salep /ˈsaləp/: 1. a starchy preparation of the dried tubers of various orchids, used as a thickener in cookery and as the basis of a drink.

The basis of salep -...

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What to do for New Years Eve in Istanbul

2nd December 2013

New Years Eve 2014 - Celebrate the biggest party of the year in Istanbul   Whether you're an expat living in Istanbul or just visiting, prepare to plan one hell of a New Year in one of Turkeys most vibrant cities. Always big on its celebrations, Istanbul boasts dazzling nightlife,...

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