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What are the health benefits of living in Turkey

21st August 2013

Expats in Turkey will have certainly felt the effect in more ways than one of making the move overseas. But once you have unpacked your bags and ditched the thick winter duffel coats for good, what main benefits can you expect to enjoy? Climate On the whole, Turkey enjoys an ideal Mediterranean...

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Opera culture becoming more popular in Turkey

17th August 2013

It seems the arts are taking an upward curve in Turkey amid growing interest in both opera and cultural events.  This is in spite of Turkish operatic history spanning less than 60 years! At the moment, the General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet comprises of several global artists,...

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A Turkish guide to banking

14th August 2013

So you have made the move and now you are pondering how to arrange all those bills and set up your different accounts. Fear not as setting up a bank account is relatively easy in Turkey. So tell me about! As long as you have a tax number you can apply to open an account.  This can be...

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Is your UK company pension plan at risk?

11th August 2013

With more and more British expats in Turkey, there are new schemes in place where you can save a host on tax levies. A report by The Financial times declares that UK businesses who reported annual results for the financial year ending March 2013 has shown an increased short fall in pension funds...

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History of Turkish delight

9th August 2013

It has literally delighted millions of people over the years, but have you ever wanted to discover more about this most synonymous of Turkish treats?  What is it? Lokum or Turkish delight as it is known comprises of a gel made from starch, sugar corn syrup and water. It contains no gelatine...

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