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Working in Turkey and what you need to know

27th January 2014

The Turkish employment law states that a 'foreigner' cannot work in a job that a Turkish citizen can do. What this means is that as a foreigner living in Turkey there are only a few sectors in which you can work. A foreigner needs to have certain skills, which would be of value to the company, such...

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Moving to Turkey and what you need to know

26th January 2014

Moving abroad can be an exciting new adventure, but it can also be a confusing experience.
If you are moving to Turkey, here is some important information you need to know;1. Turkish Residency permit - This is a permit granted to all foreign nationals, allowing them permission to reside in Turkey....

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Hearing specialist & medical suppliers in Turkey - Ada / Adalar group

20th January 2014

Sponsored Article  Get 20% OFF at Ada/Adalar / Acil Medikal – Just for mentioning ‘YellAli’ADA – One of Turkeys foremost hearing Specialists  - Turkey’s leading experts for hearing care & medical supplies Do you need to visit a hearing Specialist or...

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e-Visa Guide - Applying for a Turkish e-Visa

17th January 2014

We where first introduced to the Turkish e-Visa back in May 2013 and where given a year to understand what it was and how it worked. The one year period has nearly finished and the 'sticker type' visa (purchased by holidaymakers) is now coming to an end and will be totally replaced by the new...

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What to do in Istanbul - Top 7 alternative ideas

15th January 2014

  When we imagine Istanbul, we think about the tremendous sightseeing hotspots, the blue mosque, the grand bazaar and Topkapi Palace. As well as the vast history and the amazing way the various cultures mix in this city. This astonishing place has so much to offer and here are some...

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Turkish lira falling – Is this a good or a bad thing?

11th January 2014

The Turkish lira has taken quite a hit recently and has fallen into a downward spiral.(As mentioned in YellAli’s News post - Turkish lira hits record low) During the summer of 2013 the lira stood at 2.73 against the pound and within a month went from 2.73 TL to 2.85 TL. Towards the end of...

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Go Skiing in Turkey

7th January 2014

The snow season has arrived and for those of you who love snow and winter sports, why not try skiing in Turkey? With destinations such as Uludag, Kartalkaya, Erciyes and Kars - it’s the perfect place for pro and novice skiers.So get your skis, sleighs and snowboards ready, for its time...

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The best shopping centers in Istanbul

6th January 2014

Where to shop in Istanbul - Shopping centers in Istanbul, almost every neighborhood has at least one. Huge brand new sparkling malls, with so much variety you could spend hours lost in shopper’s paradise.But which one do you visit? Here are the best places to shop in IstanbulIstinye...

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Things to do in Istanbul – Winter

2nd January 2014

Where East and West collide; it can only be the beautiful city of Istanbul.
Istanbul is a wonderful city and with its rich and exotic history, great attractions and amazing sights, Istanbul is an ideal place for a short break or holiday. 

But don’t be mistaken into thinking your stay...

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