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Shipping household goods to Turkey - Finding a trusted service

25th February 2014

Sponsored ArticleSo you want to have your household goods shipped to Turkey?

Introducing our shipping experts; AFC International Home Movers
AFC International provide home moving services from anywhere in the world – to anywhere in the world! And have extensive experience in the...

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Getting married in Turkey and what you need to know

25th February 2014

A useful step by step guide for getting married in Turkey. What are the legal requirements for marrying in Turkey?- Marriage is only permitted between a man and a woman- You must be at least 18 years of age (A person who is aged from 16 years old, may apply to marry with a parent or guardian's...

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Top tips for an unforgettable experience in Istanbul

24th February 2014

Here is a selection of top tips for an unforgettable experience in one of Turkey’s largest cities, Istanbul.
Marvel at Istanbul’s skylineMost great cities have signature skylines and Istanbul is no exception.
The seven hills of the Old City are filled with a collection of imperial...

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10 Things you didn’t know about Istanbul

17th February 2014

Here’s a list of quirky facts you didn’t know about Istanbul.

 Enjoy!1. Istanbul has been the capital of some of the biggest empires: Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman and is now Turkey’s largest city with over 13 million people – Which is more than the population of...

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Turkish phrases for tourists

14th February 2014

If your coming to Turkey this summer, we have some phrases that may be useful.Please note: The spelling of Turkish is phonetic, so once knowing the pronunciation of each letter the reading should not be a problem, since all words are pronounced exactly how they are written.Some Turkish phrases to...

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Turkish work permit - why it is so important

3rd February 2014

Updated 13th March 2015Foreigners who are working in Turkey, whether it be for a company or their own business, need to have an official work permit. Otherwise working without a work permit it is classed as 'working illegally'.No legal rightsThe results of working without a work permit mean you are...

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