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Top Restaurants in Fethiye, Muğla

19th May 2014

Fethiye has a fine range of eateries ranging from down-to-earth traditional establishments to upmarket restaurants serving fusion cuisine. The Fethiye region is undeniably pretty, though many of its restaurants are aimed at tourists and can be a little disappointing. The top places to dine are...

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10 things you didn't know about Turkey

14th May 2014

You've holidayed in Turkey, tried the local cuisine, seen the sights, made new friends, soaked up the sun and even learned a few Turkish words...So now you can say you know Turkey? Or do you?

Here is a list of 10 things you may not know about Turkey;1. Most Turks didn't have surnames until...

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What activities are there to do in Bodrum?

8th May 2014

If you are among those who love to spend their leisure time actively, then you will never feel bored in Bodrum. Here you can find; Water rafting, horseback riding, jeep safari and much more.If you are tired of lounging in your hotel and both your friends /or children and your self want to have...

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Top things to see and do in Alanya, Turkey

1st May 2014

Along the Turkish Mediterranean coast lies the beautiful and modern resort of Alanya. 
(Alanya is approx. 1 and ½ hour drive from Antalya city center)

What to do in Alanya, Turkey?…….
Kızılkule / Red TowerThe Red Tower (Kızılkule) is often seen as a symbol of Alanya and if you...

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