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Ramadan 2014 – Does it affect tourists?

27th June 2014

Ramadan (Ramazan / Şeker Bayramı) will start on June 28th and finish on July 28th.As a tourist holidaying in Turkey you will most likely not notice any differences, nor be affected by the holy month of Ramadan. As in tourist areas it’s pretty much business as usual, with restaurants and bars...

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How to avoid mosquito bites in Turkey

24th June 2014

Mosquitos are mostly seen during the summer months when the warm weather provides the perfect breeding ground for these pesky creatures.But fear not, there are many different things you can do to avoid getting bitten during your holiday to Turkey and as the saying goes "Prevention is better than...

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Closing your inactive Turkish bank account

17th June 2014

There have been many people who have been confused about the banking regulations regarding bank charges issued to inactive accounts.This ruling in in place and has been since 1st September 2013. The regulation implemented by the Turkish Banks' Association (TBB) and the Banking Regulation and...

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Understanding Turkish Culture

9th June 2014

The first thing you will notice about Turkish people is that they are extremely patriotic and are very proud of their ancestors and of the achievements of their modern society. You will notice the Turkish flag is proudly displayed everywhere - and rightly so!During Turkish national holidays,...

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Istanbul - Where to find the best cocktail bars

6th June 2014

Istanbul, a bustling vibrant city where East meets West. Straddling the Bosphorus, a vast metropolitan paradise combining history and culture. This cosmopolitan city is a hub of exhilarating nightlife. YellAli discovers the best Istanbul has to offer from rooftop bars with views over the...

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An introduction to the perfect day in Istanbul

2nd June 2014

An introduction to the perfect day in Istanbul:- The beauty of Istanbul is obvious to all foreign guests and locals alike.... Istanbul is one of the largest, livliest and most exciting cities in the world.So we would like to share with you the most popular & overlooked spots in the city; Where...

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