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Istanbul's Unusual Tourist Attraction - Basilica Cistern

31st January 2015

Underneath the streets of Istanbul lies the Basilica Cistern. There are hundreds of ancient underground cisterns in Istanbul but only two of them have been restored beautifully and are open for visitors. The Basilica Cistern is one of Istanbul's most popular tourist attractions and is reached by...

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Most Exclusive Nightclubs in Istanbul

30th January 2015

If you looking for top quality nightlife in Istanbul, then read our guide to the most exclusive nightclubs.Billionaire ClubThe esteemed Billionaire club, one of Europe's most exclusive clubs can be found in the ritzy Istanbul Edition Hotel, located in Levent, Istanbul’s affluent financial...

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Key things to get you started living in Turkey

29th January 2015

Turkey truly is a magnificent country to live in, with it's laid back lifestyle, affordable way of living and great opportunities for foreign investors, it really is a good place to live.

It is abundant with foreign residents 'Expats' and home to over 200,000 foreign citizens from countries such...

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Istanbul’s well-kept secret – Nişantaşı the upper-class fashion district

28th January 2015

Top places to go to in NişantaşıLondon has New Bond Street, New York has 5th Avenue, and Istanbul has the Nişantaşı neighbourhood. Many of Istanbul’s elite can be seen here; artists, creative directors and famous Turkish celebrities all flock to this ultra modern district. Impeccably dressed,...

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Baklava – Ancient History

28th January 2015

I think that most of us who have tasted this exotic sweet nutty pastry can imagine it being served at the most opulent banquets hosted by the Sultans’. Although the origins of this sumptuous pastry dessert is said to predate the Ottoman Empire by about 400 – 500 years with its roots in...

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Only in Turkey: Ski and swim in the sea in the same day

27th January 2015

In January 2014 we published a blog about skiing in Turkey. Here is some more input on skiing in Turkey. If you are planning a weekend on the slopes before winter departs.Snow in the morning (Saklikent) and swim in the sea in the afternoon (Antalya)A well kept secret  that is not far from...

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Am I bonkers to consider driving in Turkey? - Myths about driving in Turkey

26th January 2015

You may well ask yourself, just how difficult is it to drive in Turkey?  If it is your first time to Turkey the idea of driving in Turkey can seem a daunting task, especially in major crowded cities such as Istanbul. Whereby in reality driving in Turkey whether it is in the small towns or...

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What does Tiger Woods & the Ryder Cup have to do with Turkey....

21st January 2015

Did you know that Tiger Woods recently played in Turkey as part of the inaugural Turkish Airlines Open held in Belek, just east of Antalya. He was one of a number of high quality professionals who played in the Open.This is just one signal to the world of the desire to make Turkey one of the most...

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Turkish Residence Permit for Newbies

20th January 2015

In this weeks guide we will be talking about 'First time applications' for the Turkish Residence permit. And for all you 'Newbies' out there, this blog is for you. At YellAli we receive many enquiries about this topic, so we have pulled together the important points and explained what you need to...

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Turkish delight – An Old Favourite

19th January 2015

Rahat Lokum more commonly known as 'Turkish Delight' is one of the oldest sweets in the world dating back 500 years. Although Arabic records from the 9th century also speak of sweets and medicines made from starch and sugar, these were referred to as rahat-ul hulküm – translated means...

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