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Turkey's Haunted Sites

27th October 2015

Exploring a supposedly haunted site might not seem like the most exciting way to spend a day (or night) but becoming an amateur ghost hunter is an increasingly popular holiday activity. After all don't we all love a good scary story from time to time?There's a variety of supposedly haunted places...

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Is now the right time to move to Turkey?

26th October 2015

Many expats have made Turkey their new home, but when is the best time to make the move? There's no easy answer to this because there are a lot of points you need to consider. Let's take a look at these points in detail now. CurrencyOf course currency is one of the main points you'll need to look...

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Ancient Turkey - Discover Turkey's Famous Ancient Sites

25th October 2015

Turkey is a rich historical landscape and there are many sites you can visit that will both astound and wonder you. There are many ancient sites around Turkey that offer glimpses into the past so whether you’re a budding archaeologist or simply have an interest in ancient ruins then make sure...

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25 Things British Expats Experience While Living in Turkey

20th October 2015

Here are 25 Things British Expats Experience While Living in Turkey;

1. Having to politely say, “I’ll come back” or “I’ll think about it” when pressed to buy something you really don’t want. We Brits are a polite bunch2. Feeling really pleased when you...

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Compare Internet Deals in Turkey

16th October 2015

For most expats living in Turkey the internet connection is definitely an important decision. Your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) can make an enormous difference in your happiness (or frustrations) as an internet user. Depending on where you live, you might have a great choice of ISPs or...

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British TV Options in Turkey Explored

12th October 2015

Television is an important part of many people's lives and expats will no doubt miss English television.  There’s always DVD releases but many people like to watch programs as they air and not everything is going to be on DVD. But there are a few ways expats can watch their favourite...

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Getting Married in Turkey - Legal Requirements for British Citizens

6th October 2015

Getting Married in Turkey - Legal Requirements for British CitizensResidents in the UK The process for UK residents is quite simple, you’ll first have to complete the bilingual Affidavit form and sign it. The signing of the form will have to be witnessed in person by a notary of the public in...

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15 Awesome Turkish Expressions

2nd October 2015

TURKS HAVE A SAYING FOR EVERY OCCASION. These expressions serve as bookends to each conversation, providing a handy and automatic beginning and end to every human interaction. They’re adages that serve as social glue, meaning you’ll never find a Turk who’s lost for words, even in...

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