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How to Make Turkish Red Lentil Soup From Scratch

30th November 2015

Turkish Red Lentil SoupThis version of Turkey's classic lentil soup is home cooking at its best: Simple, flavourful and nutritious. Make it a complete meal by adding a tangy salad and your favourite flatbread or a crusty loaf of whole-grain bread.Let's get started….Ingredients :Servings...

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Turkish Residence Permit tips for Newbies and Veterans

24th November 2015

The Turkish Residence permit can be a daunting, troublesome experience for many foreigners in Turkey, However the new online system has improved the procedure quite dramatically. 
If the new online form still makes you anxious or you’re unsure which documents you need to present –...

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The Absolute Most Delicious Way To Make Turkish Rice (pilav)

23rd November 2015

Rice pilaf is famous all over the world as a side dish to many meat and poultry meals. In Turkey, 'pilav' is used to describe a whole array of dishes made with rice.Pilaf is cooked with butter, oil and stock and often features other ingredients like bits of pasta, lentils, chick peas and...

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Turkey Tours Explained - Are They For Me?

16th November 2015

Taking a trip to Turkey is something literally millions of people do every year but few people realise just how big Turkey actually is. While you may not plan to venture out very far on your holiday you'd be surprised how easy it can be to get lost even in resort towns and districts.So what's the...

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Istanbul - Top 6 Shopping Spots

10th November 2015

Istanbul is without a doubt the shoppers’ paradise, it offers a beautiful and wondrous range of shopping malls which are some of the finest in all of Europe. So if you’re looking for that dream shopping experience, let’s take a look at some of the many fantastic shopping malls in...

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5 Turkish foods to keep you warm this winter

7th November 2015

With the winter months looming over us tourists and locals alike will be looking to warm themselves up with their meals. Thankfully Turkish cuisine offers a whole host of winter warmers that are ideal for the colder months of the year.From soups to stews, fish dishes and meat plates these hearty...

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Explore Turkeys Hidden Gems

3rd November 2015

Turkey’s well known for its fabulous cities, amazing costal resorts and relaxing beaches but did you know about its many hidden gems? Being a beautiful blend of the east and west and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world you’re bound to see many people visiting...

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