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Turkey’s Alcohol Laws – The Frequently Asked Questions

29th December 2015

We don’t often look at a countries alcohol laws but it’s something everyone should make time to do. Whether they’re just holidaying or making a permanent move. To help outline Turkey’s Alcohol Laws let’s look at some frequently asked questions. How do the alcohol laws...

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Being a Women in Turkey – Part 2

26th December 2015

So we still have a lot left to talk about don’t we? So let’s look at some other important topics woman holidaying in or relocating to Turkey should know. What Jobs can Women do: Many jobs are open to women in Turkey, however women have been struggling to achieve equal pay and employment...

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The Absolute Most Delicious Way To Make Aşure Pudding

22nd December 2015

Aşure PuddingA.K.A Noah's ark pudding is a cornucopia of healthy ingredients like dried fruits, legumes and whole grain wheat that are sweetened with sugar and fruit juices and cooked all together in one pot. This pudding traditionally contains apricots, raisins, currants, figs, pine nuts, walnuts,...

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Is Christmas celebrated in Turkey?

21st December 2015

Christmas is a unusual holiday. If you’re from the West in places like Europe or the United States then Christmas is likely something you take for granted. Every December (or even earlier) you’ll see the usual Christmas lights and decorations, shopping sales and mall Santa’s....

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Being a Women in Turkey – Part 1

15th December 2015

The Turkish attitude towards foreign women is a complicated subject, and there isn’t one easy answer. As we discussed in our “7 Safety tips for Women Travelling Alone in Turkey” blog cultural awareness and being aware of your surroundings is key.  However how exactly are...

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14 Fascinating Facts About Turkey

13th December 2015

1. Mount Ararat in Turkey, is the legendary landing place of Noah's arkThe biblical Noah’s ark is believed to have landed on Mount Ararat.2. Turkey is the only secular Muslim country among all the Muslim countries in the world.3. Turkey is physically one of the highest countries in the world,...

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A Comprehensive Look at Turkish Healthcare

7th December 2015

Healthcare is an important topic for expats in Turkey, no one Countries healthcare service is quite the same. However despite healthcare’s importance few people research it thoroughly before moving to another Country. So what is the Turkish healthcare systems like? Do you need health...

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5 Tips for Finding a Job as an Expat

2nd December 2015

Leaving your country and moving to another for work is never easy: you face different culture, a different way of life, perhaps different language and many other things that you might not be used to. When it comes to Turkey, a lot of people originating from Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands and...

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Turkish Residence Permit - What does having a permit allow you to do?

1st December 2015

Turkish Residence Permit - This is an essential document to have if you are planning on living in Turkey, but what does a residence permit allow you to do?Let's explore some of the options below:-1. Reside in Turkey - Of course! You may reside in Turkey for the duration of your permit.2. Schooling...

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