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Visiting Turkey for the first time! Most common questions asked

24th February 2015

For your beach break to Turkey's coastal regions here are a few common questions many holiday makers frequently ask.So before jetting off into the sun here are some helpful Q&A's…. 1. How may days can you stay in Turkey with an e-visa? The Turkish Tourist Visa or e-Visa is a document...

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7 Safety tips for Women Travelling Alone in Turkey

23rd February 2015

7 Safety tips for Women Travelling Alone in TurkeyOverall women traveling alone in Turkey are treated with courtesy and should feel safe. Like anywhere in the world you will need to keep your wits about you and be cautious and apply the same safety rules that you would in your native country. ...

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Gallipoli and 2015 – A place for remembrance for New Zealanders and Australians

17th February 2015

2015 will be the anniversary of the 100 years of the landings at ANZAC cove. As a child growing up in NZ the significance of the events at Gallipoli were always with me. Be it from the once a year cold early morning remembrance parades with family members to the history lessons at High School....

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Turkey's booming TV industry shaping cultural views in Middle East

10th February 2015

Turkey is the second highest exporter of TV series abroad globally after the United States. Turkish series have been exported to over 100 countries, contributing to a boom in the country’s domestic television industry. In 2012, Turkish soap opera exports were worth around $200 million, a...

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Istanbul Taxi Tips and Hints

9th February 2015

Istanbul Taxis - Taking an Istanbul taxi is a convenient way to get from place to place in the city. Surprisingly, they can be an affordable option when you have a few people moving around together. They also offer the added convenience of avoiding waiting, and bringing you right to your...

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Turkish Tourist Visa

3rd February 2015

The Turkish Tourist Visa or e-Visa is a document that allows the bearer to legally enter Turkey. Each visa is valid for 180 days and allows the visitor mullitple entries of up to 90 days in Turkey. (*please note some nationalities can only get a maximum of 30 days out of every 180 days. i.e Chinese...

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Top 5 nightclubs in Bodrum

1st February 2015

  Deemed the St, Tropez of the Aegean, Bodrum has all the glitz and glamour of an Elton John performance at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. This millionaire playground is favoured among several high profile individuals from Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich to Sir Mick Jagger. Marvel at...

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