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How to spot—and avoid—fake alcohol in Turkey

28th April 2015

  Across the popular tourist locations Turkish authorities are clamping down on fake alcohol. Local councils are testing the alcoholic beverages of all bars and restaurants to insure they are selling legitimate alcohol. Unfortunately the high taxes imposed on alcohol in Turkey have made...

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8 Delicious Things To Eat In Turkey That Aren’t Kebabs

27th April 2015

Try something new when you visit Turkey. Check out these great dishes:- 1. Menemen Menemen is a traditional Turkish dish which includes eggs, onion, tomato, green peppers, and spices such as ground black pepper, ground red pepper, salt and oregano. White cheese and Turkish charcuterie products...

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10 of Turkey's best beaches you need to see to believe

23rd April 2015

Top 10 Beaches in Turkey, as voted by "Travelers Choice 2015 - TripAdvisor" As the summer of 2015 approaches many of us will start to think about where we would like to spend our holidays this year. This seems a good time to shed some light on a few of the delightful beaches in Turkey. 1. Iztuzu...

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April 23rd - Turkey celebrates National Sovereignty and Children's Day

21st April 2015

Every year, the children in Turkey and all over the globe come together to celebrate ‘ Sovereignty and Children’s Day ‘. April 23rd is dedicated to the children of Turkey and throughout the world.  Ataturk’s gift to the children of Turkey It was Mustafa Kemal...

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How to Haggle like a Pro in Turkey

19th April 2015

Whether you’re already in Turkey or visiting for a short fun filled trip, you will certainly be looking to fill your bags as well as cases with a treasure trove of goodies.  Haggling, known as Pazarlik is considered to be an important element in Turkish society. If it is done the right...

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14 things only an Expat living in Turkey would understand

14th April 2015

There are foreigners aplenty in Turkey these days, from Istanbul to Antalya and beyond. The cities and coastal regions are full of expats from various countries around the globe.So just for you guys, here are 14 things only an Expat living in Turkey would understand:- 1. Turkish Time What time...

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Property Buyers Ultimate Guide - Turkey

10th April 2015

So you have decided to make the move and live out your ultimate dreams in the sun. But what are the elements you need fulfil your property fantasies? Here below is our 'Property buyers ultimate guide'. Legal Matters PROPERTY PURCHASE - So you have found your perfect property in Turkey. Now comes...

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Surreal places in Turkey you must see

7th April 2015

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is situated in Europe while another part is in Asia and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Turkey covers an area of 779 452 km2 with a total population of 76,6 million. Turkey is a country with magnificent landscapes,...

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History of Turkish Tea

6th April 2015

A man walks through the streets carrying a tray of Turkish tea, a common sight among the crowds of Turkish people on the streets, for çay is the nations favorite drink. It is impossible to imagine breakfasts, social gatherings, business meetings or even haggling for carpets in the Grand...

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Spain or Turkey - where's your money going?

2nd April 2015

Spain or Turkey - Holiday vs HolidayNot so long ago a well known holiday comparison site promoted 'holiday vs holiday', and the setting of the ad was a volley ball shootout against a Spanish dancer and Turkish carpet seller, with the message Turkey or Spain - where's your money going? (See the...

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